• MrBrown1127

    This is a great track, perfect for the radio!!

  • DTB

    Love John Legend, strongly dislike Ricky Ross.

  • Jets72


  • Quintonius

    LMAO couldn't agree more with "DTB's" comment.

  • Kenny Gs3

    that nigga Bink! kilt this beat tho

  • for his music? thats enough reason to hate somebody? because you know all about them. smh

    you know you're a hater when you publicly declare your hate for somebody. do you even remember why you hate the guy?

  • QZA

    hahahahahaha the comment above me is hilarious ^^^^ that DTB dude is expressing how he feels about the song and he didn't even use the word "hate"

    and for what it's worth I agree whole heartedly with his opinion.

    but BINK!!!!!!!!!! wow, what does this guy have to do to be in people's mind as a living legend?

  • Fredro

    DTB hit the nail on the head....

    The versio I heard on Chicago didnt have Ross on there. hopefully he runs with the Ross-less version. The world would be a better place.

  • so frass