John Legend – Who Do We Think We Are f. Rick Ross

blame it on Illy March 25, 2013

John Legend follows-up last week’s “The Beginning” with the first official single “Who Do We Think We Are” featuring Rick Ross from his upcoing fourth solo album, Love in the Future. The LP, which is set to be executively produced by Kanye West and Dave Tozer, arrives later this year.

  • MrBrown1127

    This is a great track, perfect for the radio!!

  • DTB

    Love John Legend, strongly dislike Ricky Ross.

  • Jets72


  • Quintonius

    LMAO couldn’t agree more with “DTB’s” comment.

  • Kenny Gs3

    that nigga Bink! kilt this beat tho

  • for his music? thats enough reason to hate somebody? because you know all about them. smh

    you know you’re a hater when you publicly declare your hate for somebody. do you even remember why you hate the guy?

  • QZA

    hahahahahaha the comment above me is hilarious ^^^^ that DTB dude is expressing how he feels about the song and he didn’t even use the word “hate”

    and for what it’s worth I agree whole heartedly with his opinion.

    but BINK!!!!!!!!!! wow, what does this guy have to do to be in people’s mind as a living legend?

  • Fredro

    DTB hit the nail on the head….

    The versio I heard on Chicago didnt have Ross on there. hopefully he runs with the Ross-less version. The world would be a better place.

  • so frass