• http://2dopeboyz.com Tahlid

    I keep hearing every body say real hip hop this & that but this is GRAIL right here(no sneakerhead) cop this joint right here no disappointments on this album. DRDC support

  • http://shy Pyrex Shy

    The ALC on the boards real westside gutter shit.
    Durag >>>>>

  • satalyte

    Good shit.

  • chronwell

    Yea they did it right on this one.TriState is nasty with every verse. Asia is a master craftsman with few rivals. Alchemist killin shit. I gotta get a copy of this!

  • CurtMcGirt

    Yeah this shit was harder than a muthafucka! I expected it to be nasty so the album didn't disappoint. I'm most definitely gonna cop this joint.

  • knowledgeGod

    3 round knock out crew with the headless horseman on the boards. I been fucking with these these dudes since there initial releases. Y'all gotaa such for real hip hop nowadays. Its not on the radio. Listen to killa Ben verse on the second track. Smoke wheaties like Michael Phelps and breaking rapping Olympics. Ahhhhhh!!!!! I fucking live hip hop you. I live this shit!!.

  • knowledgeGod

    Oh yeah. I bout two copies a week ago. Support this shit so it can stay alive.