Jaden Smith – Hello (Video)

blame it on Meka March 26, 2013

What can I say, I like the young buck’s stuff for some reason.

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  • malcyvelli

    its got a touch of genuine-ness(?) to it, hes got along way to go until hes actually dope but at least hes not trying to be something hes not, i can respect it

  • ray93

    young q-tip.

  • Boss

    Not bad for something his dad probably helped with. Voice sounds a little awkward, but that’s probably because he’s going through puberty.

  • Shotgun Charlie

    He def sounds like Q-Tip a lil bit. As long as he doesnt go the Gangsta Lane Im fine with it.

  • Nc7

    Gave it a chance, and liked it. Was gonna hate at first Lmao.

  • BSR

    Yeah, people will hate. Sounds like Q Tip and i miss that sound. I like it. Dunno why people wanna hate tho, his dads a real hip hop legend, so what if he went pop. He was the Fresh Prince Dammit!!!!
    Will defo give it my time when he drops new stuff.

  • aight

    I just can’t stand how lazy he sounds, he needs some emotion that’s all. I’m sure he’ll step it up since he’s not a rapper yet just an actor

  • D

    Not bad. I’m feeling it. Even though I think the ones he released last was even better

  • ghghg

    What happen to Diggy? Lol

  • 1992

    this niggas 14…

  • J.C.

    Nooooo that’s The Stuyvesant’s production from Naturel’s “Good Sh*t”. I like that track much better than this

  • zbMrOG

    We serious with this? A kid of a famous parent shouldn’t get any love..hasn’t/wont ever earn anything they get. Shit started with “Lil Romeo” and is still crappy. And cosign “What Happened to Diggy?”…they all fade out why we bothering…smh

  • simon

    haha.. who said, they wont ever earn anything they get.. what is he getting? Your giving him hate? Guess he didn’t earn that either? judge the song, not the person..

  • Jordan

    ^Second generation rappers don’t last because it’s just too corny. What can they really talk about? They didn’t struggle to survive or to get a deal. They piggybacked off of their fathers connections and had a comfortable life.d

  • Coldold

    ^ you (Jordan) and zbMrOG sound bitter, dumb, and broke. André 3000 said it well “Unfortunate that if you come up fortunate the streets consider you lame/Ha, I thought the name of the game was to have a better life, I guess it ain’t, what a shame.” Dont knock him for living the life all parents wants for theirs. They have plenty to talk about, you talking like todays rappers are really talking about anything anyway.

  • Thughes

    So is forever and only about struggle?…

  • marty mcfly

    I agree with Jordan and thats no hate on Jaden or Willow but imo struggle builds character and also builds on a persons life experience and thats regardless of if a rapper choses to rap about it or not. At some point Jaden is gonna have to somewhat talk about his reality and most people cant relate and again thats no diss to him but its just the truth. Not everything is about struggle but I do believe that its an important ingredient when it comes to most MCs because for the most part its that struggle that is the fuel to their career.

  • Jordan

    I didn’t mean that every rapper has to be from the hood. I meant that in music (especially hip hop which was built off of struggle) pain, anguish, etc. is an important piece of the puzzle. I’m not talking about dudes rapping about drug dealing fantasies. I’m talking about real life issues. More people relate to those than the life Jaden (or Diggy, for that matter) has. Plus, he’s a young rapper, so his subject matter is already limited.

    Sorry for the paragraph; I feel like Marty. Haha. No offense.

  • Let’s hope The Stuyvesant’s get their credit for the production this time, dope shit though.

  • iLL

    prob ghost by Q tip and skillz who else ?!

  • wilbur

    you cant even knock the kid. he’s not the illest, he’s definitely not wack, and he definitely has potential. i enjoyed it, which is the bottom line. remember you gotta be k dot to grow into kendrick.

  • EddieMcfly

    Holy shit I actually ran into him this day, no idea he was filming but a cool youngin none the less. Kids got his own sound and I dig it, he flows to flow not tryna showboat or anything thats love for hip hop right there.

  • probably cuz of the Stuyvesant beats. LOL