• nujaq

    boo.. that was wack..

  • oldgramps

    mystikal is always unique and dope. Schoolboy Q verse was awful- absolute shit! yet another slap in the face reminder of how fuckin dead hiphop is...

  • http://www.francoistoulour.com Steph

    Pretty wack

  • Elko

    Who'se that girl sitting behind Msytikal though.

  • http://www.urbandroids.tumblr.com Rodney Esquire

    Mystikal will always be dope to me, nobody can touch his style.

  • Blogs Died

    niggas complain about off the top of the dome freestyle and lack of it and when dude actually does it, it's garbage? Well no shit...

  • deafnow

    @blogs rappers these day freestyle at a 2nd grade level...their writtens at about 4th grade...what ever path they choose. we're fucked. Id rather have my both my ears open hand slapped then listen to this shit

  • house nigga 4 life

    its always cool seeing rappers freestyle (or try to lol). people gotta stop getting sad when they see people having fun. fucking emo bitches.

    I think a Mystikal and Q record would be dope though. they got similar energies when on a song.