Diddy Tops Forbes Five Wealthiest Rapper’s List of 2013

blame it on Shake March 27, 2013

Diddy defends his 2012 title with a repeat victory in being crowned the “wealthiest rapper” of 2013. With a estimated net worth of $580 million, Diddy tops Jay-Z (475), Dr. Dre (350), ‘Shit (150) and 50 Cent (125).

  • skiler187

    fuck forbes. This is the side of hip hop we hate.

  • Smh

    @skiler187 LMFAO! Your jealousy is showing

  • whatAshame

    you forgot He’s Soul less..

  • B4i4get

    I wonder how much he makes yearly off BIG’s royalties and how much he gives to the Wallace family.

  • chopz

    haha.. birdshit…

  • RabiV

    Who’s shit?

  • haaaa

    ohhh yeah how does that feel shake.. Shit’ has 150 mill shitting on your bitch ass, annnd all you do is report (haha) on the state of hip hop music, i would offer you around 10k if you’d call Birdman “Shit” to his face, please..

  • david

    @RabiV all 5 of them are. The guy on 150 though is Birdman

  • bizzew

    I’d be more impressed if he was defending some heavyweight title.

  • j

    lol shake why ya always hatin on shit??? I’m guessing cuz his music is shit??

  • 013

    Why Em is not on this list?

  • marcopolo

    ^^^Eminem doesn’t tour much, doesn’t do commercials, doesn’t endorse any products. You don’t see Eminem unless he’s has an album out. The top 5 on this list all have side business and brands that make them money outside of rap.

  • rosa parks

    how much longer are you gonna call birdman birdshit….jw? It was funny at first…but shits just tired now g. Like the nigga still gettin his paper and running rap…..and done alot good but fuck it.