• AB

    he shoulda dropped it on his vevo channel. smh. clean versions suck!

    • http://www.southerndope.com D.A.

      I concur.

  • http://real-tube.net knockout artist

    the explicit drops tomarrow morning at 8.

  • Huh?

    How the fuck does Chief Keef get so many NOPES but yall like this trashy nigga smh

    The visitors on this website are the most lamest motherfuckers

  • KING

    The ending of this track is 2dope

  • 7

    James! This dude is dope, just enjoy him for what he is. Keef gets no love cuz you can't understand a gawdamn thing he says,his flow is weak, and he tries too hard to be hard. Trinidad is just entertaining as hell.

  • GLC knows all

    project was fucking nice. this track was one of the better songs on it

  • probly coincidence

    This video is dope, especially since he is from there, but it's only been a day since asap rocky dropped damn near the same video.

  • optimusprimerib

    is he allowed to drop it on Vevo if there are sample clearance issues? The beat is taken from a song called Sweet Talk by Kito.

    and people give this thumbs up because it's enjoyable music. Keef is a terrible influence who boasts about gangbanging

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  • damn homie


  • Candice

    Not his biggest fan but he rocked his hood, big up James. TRINI to the BONE

  • YMCMBmustdie

    Can this retarded piece of shit actually read and write, this dumb wack fuck looks like he couldn't open a window and his music is pure SHIT.

  • rsx

    1. Huh?, you're an idiot. Chief Keef is an autistic murderer who doesn't deserve the platform he has. Trinidad James actually released a quality project that was actually unique.

    2. This video looks just like the Wild for the Night video >__>