ANTHM - Double Excel

With his Blu GODleeBarnes-produced Handful of Dust EP still getting major spins, ANTHM rocks over Eminem's "Role Model" for his latest loosie.

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  • icewater86

    killed it

  • dom p

    at least one f*ck nigga listened to this shit I see.

  • beyenesausage

    Ethiopia FTW!

  • daethiopianking

    killed it!

  • swagu

    straight murder in the 1st degree

  • david

    Hope he sticks at it he's ill, I remember when Diabolic went in over this too, both bodied it

  • J

    Ahhahaha nobody even understands how hard he just dog, anthm may be the coldest rhyme spitter in the game at this very exact second. More beats like god of joy and this tho! That Blu EP was good but won't get ur name out there!!! You got potential my brotha!!!!

  • s.s.

    ice cold. i agree with dude above me, this guy is not taking a break. killing everything he comes across. i hope he keeps surprising us with his work.

  • dom p

    updated,count 3 f*ck niggas so far. you don't think this is dope, ur a fuck nigga. fact.

  • Rapey Rozay

    The ONLY rapper better is Kendrick right now


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