• KING

    Dizzy Wright nigga.

  • squirtle

    tf they sittin on baby couches wtf!

  • AK

    No s/o for Trade Voorhees??

  • 47

    @AK Right! Trade V, S. Price and Love At First Sound Got It. Price Is Like The OG Of The City, Trade Is Like The Hip Hop Kid And Love At First SOund Is the Super Weird Experimental Nigga. Them My Fav. Three. Cant Leave Out Dizzy Flashy Though, FLashy ENT In This

  • migueljontell

    @47 i second that. love at first sound just needs exposure, no reason why he should be a hometown secret imo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AD1986 Armand.

    I haven't listened to much of Dizzy, and I live in Vegas, but I respect his grind. I know he's been on his shit and I support anybody putting the city on.

  • JM

    bootleg kev gay