Beyoncé - I Been On (rmx) f. Bun B, Z-Ro, Scarface, Willie D, Slim Thug & Lil KeKe

Queen B enlists some of Houston's legends for the official H-Town remix of the second portion of her latest release.

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  • BobbyWhite

    bun can still spit... Damn

  • THT

    No Chamillionaire?

  • JetLifer

    King Koopa and Lil Flip should have been added


  • As-Hole

    glad kirko wasn't on it

  • Made Real

    The Dream gone be doing some production on her album so i'll check it out

    @THT Exactly! thats messed up

  • Wow, this is awesome.

  • Smh

    Bey ain't stupid she made sure they didn't put that "BOW DOWN BITCHES" part in it after all that controversy LOL

  • wraith

    @Smh that ain't what happened...bow dow and i been on are two different tracks

  • frylock

    so whats with the all of sudden push for street cred. this bitch is faker than a 3 dollar bill. yall niggaz are stupid as fuck for co signing this bullshit.

  • gayshit1

    lol fuck these sensitive ass bitches and their controversy. it takes somebody who takes shit to the heart to start that shiit

  • zookeeper

    dumb slore

  • SnW

    Yeh Chamillionaire should've been on this joint.

  • Smh

    @wraith Bullshit LOL! it was two songs put together, Thats why Slim Thing said Bow down in this song

  • BuckNasty

    Apart from Bun b, this track does nothing but reinforce the negative stereotypes associated with Southern rappers. Rambling over the beat with nursery rhymes zzzzzzz

  • HTex

    No Fat Tony or Dougheezy? but putting Z-ro on was pretty big. Good lookin on bey part to on rappers from her city and they all should respect... @BuckNasty if you dont like southern rap dont listen to it.. Did you expect Papoose and RZA to be on this?? GTFOH

  • Trill O’Reilly

    Chamillionaire should've definitely been on here. Z-Ro & Bun B killed it, as usual.

  • Broth3r

    Z-Ro been that boy. And Shut up @BuckNasty, you rapper racist like Wayne said.

  • townbiznes510z

    my nigga z-ro tho always got gas

  • maria weatherall

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