• mr.2dope

    If this remix comes to fruition it would be so crazy

  • RY

    As soon as yall see kendrick name yall get hard in the pants

    • dannym254


  • followtheleader

    damn a kendrick lamar feature? thats a bold move. haven't seen anybody else do that lately.

  • freshyboi

    gotta ditch that ross verse because raping girls aint good for business

  • Trill O’Reilly

    If Kendrick's name wasn't in this post this would have 50 NOPEs by now.

  • @

    Ross verse the most gutsy move in Hip Hop since Game left G-Unit. which is a good thing. niggas need to chill. acting like yall aint rape a bitch before. FOH

  • http://NewHipHopMusicShop.com TeamKareem

    They should release that.... that's going the hot. That would be a good look for Rocko...