• mjd

    As I been listening to STS all week with his other projects, this drops all of a sudden. I dig it though #GOLD

  • Ray

    rap on some real beats..blast this in the car people will look at you weird as fuck..that shit is garbage.

  • daddy

    @ Ray, I feel you. But you gotta switch up the flow sometimes

    • Slruim

      You listen to music to impress other people? Wow.

  • WuTang4Eva

    I stay bumpin STS in the car...

  • http://www.swagtoof.com dwizzle

    Poppin off is that shiz

  • who cares

    @Slruim I think what he was saying is that he wants STS to go over some original beats. The jackin-for-beats method is cool every now and then, but the thing with STS is that he doesn't just do Hip Hop beats, he does Pop beats too. While I do enjoy the Gold Rush series I have to agree that it's hard to blast it in your car without getting weird looks from people.

  • dcdanny

    the demand more series was on some hip hop beats. illustorious too. sole music as well.. goldrush just stepped this music shit up a notch...

  • Sean G

    Yall blast your music really loud for everybody to hear? smfh simps

  • C-los

    The concept is rapping over songs on the Billboard Top 40. He's put me on to some good music

  • IcyMike


  • http://www.STSisGOLD.com CoSign