this is fucking awesome

  • http://yrap.bandcamp.com Y-Rap

    The Biggie mixes this past week have just been, insane. Lovin' It.

  • Haze

    This is just...wow.

    BIG was soooo ahead of his time. Lyrics still sound fresh as hell. You can actually appreciate the lyricism more over some of these beats,

  • Chuck E

    That Long Kiss over You Know My Steez= "FISHGREASE"-Phonte©

  • who cares

    Holy shit... I'm only on the first song and this is insane! My only complaint is that this is all one file.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shadowsamuraithesupremeking shadowsamurai

    .wav? Nxggas still use that? lol, still copping it though...of course

  • Ted DiBiase

    I love mixtapes that are 1 track long!? Thanks, now i can load this hour long song in pro tools and chop it mysef, i want production credits. its 2013 you djs better step ya game up.


    @ted dibiase if you do please post

  • marty mcfly

    This mixtape was aiight I guess but the best BIG mixtape imo is still Unbelievable The Notorious Edition from Mick Boogie and Terry Urban.

  • http://front-free.com Engineer

    Thoroughly disgusted that this is only available as one long-ass song. As if I or most people are really gonna sit down and listen to 22 songs back to back...I know it's BIG, Finesse and Preme but some of these DJs and these bloggers gotta get their heads out their asses and give people what they want on some 2013 shit. Big disappointment.

  • GODr


  • the rap bandit

    This is actually dope but the best Biggie blend tape goes to DJ Vlad and Dirty Harry - Rap Phenomenon and then there was the DJ Cinema and DJ Mello - The Commission. There are other mixes with big names that shouldn't have been released.

  • Jason Galindo

    @Ted and the rest of you lames complaining about the length of the song. It's a live mix, you know like when a Real DJ mixes together acapellas and instrumentals to make art? It's meant to be listened to as a whole... Catch a clue fools

  • SnW

    Anyone know of good Nas x Biggie mixtapes? Still can't believe they never got on a track together.