Saturday Night Sexy: Nicole Mejia

blame it on Illy March 30, 2013

Twitter: @Nicole_Mejia/Instagram: nicole_mejia

Nicole Mejia. ‘Nuff said.

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  • charlamagne

    I’d suck a fart out her ass, shit particles and all…ahhh now thats how u smoke someones ass..peace…

  • Frank Ocean

    Shake! where is the man meat…..Can we get some male models

    Or is this website too homophobic

  • Ignorant Genius

    Shawty last name means “cheek”, yet that ass ain’t really nothing… Ain’t that some shit?



  • Mike Diesel

    even if she had aids and some next shit, i’d still fuck the shit outta of her, until she takes a shit on my dick and calls me Daddy

  • gbreeze

    bitch flat chested as fuck. invest in some tits hoe. i give those titties 4 thumbs down.

  • ay dios mio

    Lotta homos & virgins in here. No bueno.

  • SayWord

    Maaaan, I’d let this chick wipe her nose on my ball sack.

  • YouSnoooDat

    I’d put my fingers in her asshole, then in her mouth fishhook style while pounding

  • Fuck what all you weirdos are talkin’ ’bout…shorty is the shit. If it wasn’t for Melyssa Ford and Rosa Acosta she would be my #1. I’m rockin’ with you Nicole…BANG BANG!!

  • good stuff

    would gorilla face this bitch

  • For real

    Pictures be deceiving likeeeee….why she look like she hella thick and got a ass til she stand up straight…damn bruh bruh..i been swindled…

  • fukniggas..

    whoever gave this a nope is truly gay and i feel sorry for your sexual appetite

  • what

    whoever posts as frank ocean on every SNS is one stupid mf. the joke wasnt funny the first time…

  • One of the best ones

  • TheOne


  • xastey

    MY LAWD time to take a dive

  • Marshawn

    i would put a dent in her vagina

  • lbc

    Wanted to see that massive ass but there isnt one fuckin picture from behind like, perpendicular to that butt nahmean?!. her face is a 7,5/10 tho.

  • dave

    this chick is pretty on point i must say.cute face and nice body and nothing looks silicon so thats always a plus.still getting tired of seeing so much latina chicks on sns.theres so many ethnicities in the world but yall stick to latina 98% of the time.put a russian or indian chick

  • Ron Simmons

    yall niggaz gay

  • QZA

    this is one of my favorites so far…

  • malcyvelli

    best one in a minute though

  • Geezy

    Baby girl right here is on point. Goddamn. Perfect ass to titties ratio too- and they fact that they are real makes it that much better. Fuck all that plastic shit. Def one of my favorite ones so far.

  • yomama

    Wow shes really beautiful

  • MARS

    Straiit haters on this shit. I went to school with the chic, big time nerd in high school, shawty bloomed as soon as graduation hit. Still know her til this day, shes become big time in the MIA… and believe me….she is badder than the baddest hoes!

  • 90SKID

    Holy shit. This chick is hot as hell.

  • Yeezy taught me

    and up top, ahh, two bee stings

  • bigdaddy

    holy fuck

  • no1

    She’s bad enough the tits are fine. Damn.

  • This link needs fixing too