Mos Def Yasiin Bey – Black Jesus (prod. Mannie Fresh)

blame it on JES7 March 31, 2013

In preparation of the release of Yasiin and Mannie Fresh’s upcoming LP, OMFGOD, we are blessed with the first leak, Black Jesus over some minimalist Mannie Fresh production. 2Fresh, 2Dope. Hit the jump for a video of Yasiin performing the song in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  • Juicy-G

    Hmmm…not sure how I feel about this yet.

    • Delvon

      This song is the truth. Just goes back to the statement that if Jesus was alive the world would crucify him again. Like micheal said I’m talking about the man in the mirror.

  • millyyourewrong

    shit so wack


    everything about this song is dope… except for the actual song.


    Errrrr….. I’m a huge Mos Def stan but I don’t know about this to be honest.

    It might grow on me though.

    I’ll wait for the entire project to drop before I make any rash judgements.


  • Deep Rooted

    Zzzzzzz…boring. Wanted to like this so bad.

  • thatrealshit

    meh…repetative, doesnt really go anywhere. expected more from 2 legends

  • Da Truth

    this is a flaming bag of dog shit. i’d rather listen to a 4 minute long queef than this garbage.

  • MyFiddyCents

    This is so bland. Mos is dope but this is turd

  • Fais

    Gona wait for that LP to drop and give it a listen – this track doesn’t hold up to whats expected from OMFGOD. Also sounds like Mos Def was attending a Gospel gathering taking place in the safari jungle somewhere.

  • marty mcfly

    Somebody get Mos Def on the phone and tell him to send Yasiin Bay back where ever the fuck he came from and while he’s at it go get Hi-Tek back on the beats. Anit nobody fucking with no Mannie Fresh shit in 2013. GTFOHWTBS.

  • I’m the biggest Mos fan on planet earth, but this is the biggest disappointment ever. I think this is the album intro. It has to be. Everything in the videos sounded way better. Haha.

  • BUT that said, it will grow on me. Mos’ sounds always do.

  • marty mcfly

    I’ve been up on Mos Def just like im sure everybody else has been since the late 90s and imo sometimes certain sounds dont go together because they dont compliment each other. Since day one of hearing that these two were doing a project together I thought it mite not be a good thing. Since when does Mannie Fresh and Mos Def sound like those styles work well with each other? Maybe but chances are, NO. Now Mos can change his style and maybe not rap that good and it would fit over Mannies beats but other then that idk how this gonna work.

  • Juicy-G

    @ear2ear I totally agree dude, this shit HAS to be an intro track. DON’T DISAPPOINT US DEF!

  • i think they released this for easter (based on the song’s concept) more so than it being a single. sounds like an album intro as they introduce themselves but yeah, we’ll see.

  • midwestbeast

    imagine mos def linking up with some exile beats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this sounds like sum keyboard shit tho.

  • mathis

    had high hopes. i know mos def will never make anything like black on both sides again, but he and mannie fresh are better than this collectively

  • DonKilluminati

    I like it. Crucify me.

  • Madlo Max

    I love the intro and the verse! Never mind I like the whole song. You’ve have to sway and feel the beat and let the lyrics just flow in. Then you’ll feel Yasiin. LOVE IT! Plus I’ve been waiting for Yasiin to release new material for so long, those top 40 singles are top notch though.

  • Tekwon

    Looking forward to the album but this just isn’t my cup of tea. Not feeling it at all.

  • blair

    how ya’ll gunna hate on this lol. this shit dope af imo. damn..

  • God

    Lmao niggas is crazy. This shit is ill as fuck! But if you don’t know your history, i don’t expect y’all to get it…..

  • ear2ear

    ^Lol. I’m the biggest Bey fan seriously. Like I stan this man’s music like no other. I still listen to Tru3 Magic, The New Danger…the albums from him that don’t really resonate with anyone. I have no doubt that I will enjoy OMFGOD. But this song is not deep. Bey’s bars are nothing to decipher here. He’s not really telling us much. I think that’s intentional. That’s why I think it’s the album intro, it sounds like he’s introducing OMFGOD.
    “Yasiin Bey for BK, Fresh from NOLA”
    “Have you been baptized? (Save me Lord).”
    “Let the fish fry proceed.”

    And then the album starts.

    But it doesn’t make for a good single or first offering for an album we are anticipating. I’m Palestinian, so yes I understand the concept of a colored Jesus and understand there’s a reason this came out on Easter. Haha. Doesn’t mean his bars were something that went over our head. He was just talking about how he’s about to rock the mic as the album proceeds.

    Anyways the album will be good.

  • Gen G.

    I’m a big Mos fan but I’m not feeling this. Going to wait on the LP

  • Interesting that the concept of Black Jesus(Kemet or the dude kicking with Essenes or black people are Jesus and just don’t want to raise up to the Christ level) is even being spoken about in hip-hop. Mannie Fresh makes call and response music anyway with feeling (That’s what they do in NO). Thank the cosmos that Mos Def didn’t spit that same fire we all know he can do. People ain’t into that NOW (as in consumers only). He made a good move with this one. Rap is kinda like Disco and nobody wants to admit it. Fresh worldy track not met for NIGGERS (Yes, I am African who was born in the USA). Hugs

  • Child

    I love it. i guess yall were expecting him to truly rap on this, but instead yall got an uplifting track that moves the spirit more than elightening the mind. this feels so natural and organic. this is spirit moving music. this aint rap. Mos Def is on another level with this.

  • marty mcfly

    There is no call and response here and it is not clear that this is a intro track either so stop it. Only Mos could make a song called Black Jesus and not really say shit about anything besides putting a abcish verse on it, if you could even call it that and some of ya’ll say its dope. If another artist did this same song you fools would be like hell nah. Smh

  • poopoohead

    Drums are nice…sounds like an intro track, so I’m not gonna judge Mos’s “verses”. No, it’s not CLEAR it’s an intro, but I think it can be assumed that it is. We’ll find out soon enough.

    I have faith in this project…the OMFGOD track sounds absolutely insane. Been a fan of both for a long time, and I look forward to hearing something out of the ordinary.

  • KNZO

    mannie fresh needs to ditch those old ass sounds. the production is alright but those vocal pads, horns and synths sound like they came straight out of a kid’s keyboard. i’m not that hyped for this LP.

  • who cares

    co-sign Fais.
    I’m not really sure what to make of this. *scratches head* Like everyone else in here I love Mos Def, but this is just… it’s not what I was expecting. What they previewed in those videos last year was very energy-heavy. This is too laid back. I mean if this is the direction the album is taking then cool, but tell the fans because at the moment we’re expecting something totally different. Still, this reminds me of something from Distant Relatives. Now that’s a fantastic record because we knew it was meant to be a Reggae album with some Hip Hop influences.

  • coolstorybro45

    This is dope..dont get why people dont like it..if this was kanye this would have had over 1000 likes

  • not a hater

    where is that shit from the teaser videos they were doing? this is wack…