Ice Cube – Crowded

blame it on the intern April 1, 2013

Ice Cube is back with a new single from his Everythang’s Corrupt album.

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    ice wtf ??

  • Matrix

    DOPE !

  • lbc

    dope! legend! too westcoast for the westcoast! the don mega! fuck the popo too!

  • TBaku

    The Grand Wizard is back!!!!!!

  • LexiCon

    this is NOT westcoast. “Raw Footage” was the last half-good album of Cube.

  • Kidubya

    Where’s MR SHORT KHOP? Not saying you need him but you guys sounded good together.

  • runt

    Ice Cube is a fucking joke now.

    Legend of the fall offs, along with…

    Kool G Rap

    All these dudes went from some of the greatest of all time, to complete garbage.

  • mo

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  • M85H

    This ain’t Cube at all. Seems like from his last few albums he is rapidly falling off!!!

  • DOPE

    No Country For Old Men…Raw Footage was incredible compared to new Cube. Get off them trap records homie

  • G. Lepe

    wtf..April Fools? lol

  • steelz202

    couldn’t bring my self to give the thumbs down, too much dam respect!

  • sad

    ^ same, couldn’t thumb it down, but it’s not great..

  • who cares

    Yea I have to agree this is pretty weak. Still, I’m not losing hope for the new album. That “Everythang’s Corrupt” song was raw. I hope majority of the album has material like that.
    @runt how are you going to put Cube in the same category as Prodigy and Em? Prodigy started making records for the women while Em just lost it. The main issue with this song is the production. Hell, why is Kool G even on that list? His last album was dope.

  • shiiihihihiiiiit

    “I can’t thumb this down because Ice Cube…”
    this is a post for the song not the dude. this thing requires way more thumbs down. people thumbing up for the artist name when the music sucks complete ass.