• KodanProd

    so sick

  • Dmvaughn

    Is this Lil bow before he went through puberty mix tape? Throwback ? Bring it back mix tape little lil bow wow wow Wippy ay?

  • gonzoboards


  • MiamiFlipper

    @Dmvaughn: Beat it...

  • DJ

    Jet life!

  • m.black

    Hot Damn!

  • Chase

    THANK YOU!!!

  • DocCosmos

    Jets Niggas

  • HipHop

    One of the most slept on in the game.

  • midwestbeast

    upgrade from good sense 1... i fux wit it.

  • Strife Immaculate

    Young Roddy is one of the hardest cats out... way better than ANY of that radio bullshit or Hottest MC's List.

  • Danjamouf

    Very very dope