KiD CuDi Announces Split With G.O.O.D. Music

blame it on Shake April 2, 2013

Just hours after releasing his new Too $hort-assisted single, CuDi dropped a bomb during his time on Los Angeles’ Power 106; announcing his departure from G.O.O.D. Music. He made sure to say there are no hard feelings and that he and Kanye West spoke and both agreed the split would be best for both artists. Check a pull-quote below (provided by Miss Info) and the visual proof after the jump.

Man, everything is cool. Everything is peace with everyone on the label, but I’m announcing that I’m no longer on G.O.O.D. Music. And this is something that no one knows really. I’m no longer on G.O.O.D. Music.

Me and Kanye were actually talking on the phone the other day, and there’s been things I wanted to talk to him about. About me wanting to start my own direction, and he got because he’s trying to start his own new path, and trying new things as an artist. And he was just like ‘Man, I feel you. It’s cool.’ This is just from a business standpoint. There’s no beef with anyone on the label. It’s all love.

  • Rosebudd

    Aww dam

  • Adi

    Wow. Good move.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Everyone on GOOD Music brings their own direction but I think people are starting to get fed up with some of Kanyes shit. Its not the best business move because of the strength of the label but he went on that rant not too long ago about exposure and radio play. Kanye makes damn sure hes in the news for something every couple weeks but whens the last time hes pushed Cudi or Pusha or even Big Seans work?

    Kanye makes some amazing music but I’ve got a ton more respect for CuDi than Kanye.

  • whateveriguess

    Yeah I predicted this was gonna happen. When he only had one song on cruel summer it was weird. Hopefully he succeeds going a different route.

  • HH

    was he ever really on GOOD? I mean one or two songs with Yeezy and thats it or?
    hope he continues to do nice music as he always does

  • Go

    kanye about to call in and say he gave cudi his first tv

  • carljohnson


  • mad

    @HH he did more than two songs with ye he helped write and did vocals on 808 he did multiple good friday songs he was on two MBDTF songs he did vocals on watch the throne and ye was featured and produced on cudi’s first two albums

  • AlexFirth91

    ^^ Lmaoo I bet he would too. But in all seriousness I’m actually glad he did, besides the fact that he’s my favorite rapper; Kanye did not market Cudi at all. He got those 3 grammy nods after his first album, then nothing happened after. Yea he wrote for Kanye, and won Grammys with of all of the lights but that’s it. Erase Me got hardly any airplay, and Indicud didn’t get any singles on the radio period

  • Xavid

    dont care whatever

  • bro montana

    there’s gotta be something more to this….

  • nibs

    if this is the first step of kid cudi falling off completely than sounds like good news to me

  • KidGay

    Hate this guy anyway – hope he disappears. He is NOT HipHop. Stop raping my music.

  • Isn’t G.O.O.D. Music actually a management company and not a record label at all? I feel like I’ve heard multiple people say that yet it gets ignored all the time. Would also help explain why everyone “signed” to G.O.O.D. is also signed to a bunch of different labels as well. You don’t see anyone on MMG or YMCMB signed to any record label other than the parent label.

  • real talk

    musically Kanye has been going downhll signing cyhi,2chainz & co signing chief keef Kanye has lost hos sense of what GOOD music is.

  • wqe

    @DJ Lanky White

    GOOD has only been an official Record Label since june 27, 2011 they announced it.

  • marty mcfly

    Kid Cruddy can go cause Big Sean is doing just fine for the label without him. Pusha and Common are also better rappers then Cruddy and John Legend is without question a better singer so Kid is not really a factor anyway so he can leave.

  • realtalk™

    I’m excited about this actually, Cudi obviously didn’t wanna make the music GOOD wanted from him anyway..
    And to the haters, if you want Cudi to dissappear from hiphop just ignore him, don’t listen to artists you don’t like instead of the useless hating.

  • truth

    marty you my dude but cudi meant alot to GOOD 1st cons then common now cudi im sad as hell man :(

  • TDE

    GOOD CuDi doesnt need those illuminati puppets. Take HOV advice Cudi you are great at what you do i admire you & will stand behind you 1000%

  • TDE

    Btw Cudi will be on Big Sean’s album on a track with him & Nss one Sean says is one of the best on the album.

  • TDE


  • marty mcfly

    At the end of the day Kanye is looking at how many big songs does Cudi put up per year and if you think he’s some kinda big deal to GOOD music when you look at it that way then cool but I dont think Cudi is of equal value to the label has Big Sean, Pusha or Common. He can make whatever kinda music he wants but imo I dont think his music really impacts the hip hop culture or alternative rock for that matter. Especially if you waiting for Cruddi to some day be one of the hottest MCs or one of the best lyricist in hip hop you can forget about that. Cudi can go cause he served his purpose when Kanye raped him for his style and made the 808s and heartbreak album and put it out before Cudi even got to fully eat off his own style. Now you can say that im making a fucked up kinda statement but I dont see what the problem is. It is what it is and Kid Cruddy is just not poppin like that.

  • marty mcfly

    Kanye dont love these niggas on his label. He looking at how much many can these fools make me, end of story. If it aint a few million per year then FOH. If Cudi thinks he can do better by himself then he can go do that but at the end of the day I think Kanye just looking at that paper.

  • marty mcfly


  • the realest

    how much is it kanye’s fault and how much is it cudi’s fault. i seen dude being dragged out a club pissy drunk. not to mention the countless drugs the nigga takes. i like cudi, but he doesnt seem like the loyal or hard working type. more like the big-headed stoner if you asked me.

  • Advance

    He’s about to release his 4th album since 2009. Having drug problems doesn’t automatically mean he’s not a hard worker. And as mediocre as WZRD was, he took the time to try to learn to play guitar and do something different. That takes a lot more effort than picking a dozen beats and rapping

  • milly

    lol sooo fuckin many cudi butt buddies and dickriders its not even funny.. of course its a bad move. hes been garbage for years now and then drops this bomb. dudes washed the fuck up and no one cared about the wack ass emo wzrd album. niggas love cudi no matter what he does. jump off a cliff with wzrd already

  • jeppie

    Cudi finally got tried of having to write hooks for kanye and jay-z…including the whole album 808s & heartbreaks. Old dudes in the game be bleeding young cats dry of their musical talent. Check the song credits good music was holding him back

  • omar’s coming

    you know what I think is a bad look on kanye’s part?

    if you go to his website right now, it’s literally JUST a video of Tyler the Creator’s new music video.

    And I actually have visited kanye’s page a bunch of times and I’ve never seen him promote any of his artist’s music on his page. No mention of wrath of caine, no cudi singles, no big sean singles…zero.

    I’m not saying that’s what lead to this. BUT what I am saying is Kanye is very unfocused when it comes to promoting his own artists. Big Sean was on the shelf for years while Kanye made 2 or 3 albums then Sean finally came out with his debut. And Sean had to get it himself. And here is Kanye with hoards of probably dope ass songs that everyone from Common to Pusha to Sean to Cudi to Q-Tip to 2 Chainz (who released an album and got big time promotion and ironically isn’t really signed under Kanye) have said they contributed to but have no idea where they are. So I can see the frustration. Are we making songs as Kanye’s braintrust or are we individual artists with careers for ourselves? When Cruel Summer came out, Kanye didn’t do any press and everyone had to go around and look like Kanye’s groupies. Hahaha. I guarantee you though when it’s Kanye’s solo coming out, you’ll see him on twitter, in interviews, etc.

  • yoooo

    whats the song thats playing in the background of the second interview thingy? I saw a video where BO1DA showcases a beat just like that…same sample that Wale used on “Mama Told Me” and I know Dre’s also used the same sample…… anybody?

  • JAyP

    Cudi matched Kanye’s success it was about time he left the nest that is GOOD Music! CUDI has his own fan base his own sound his own Genre he doesn’t need Kanye, he doesn’t need anyone from GOOD, he already put in his time and done his part, already sold albums and all were a success only GOOD Artist Ive seen other than John Legend to come out with more than one successful album

    GOD SPEED Brother Mescudi!

  • marty mcfly

    Cudi matched Kanye’s success? How’s that? What song has Cudi done that anybody cares about in like the last few years? Furthermore any excuse you can make comes down to this, Cudi has access to a studio and thats the end of story. If he went in the studio and made better music then everybody else then this would be a different conversation but bottom line is he does not do that. Kanye dont have to hold Cudi’s hand cause he already knows how the game works.

  • HouseOfStark

    I find this decision mutually destructive. I feel like GOOD music was built around Cudi in terms of mainstream success. Cudi fans want him to return to the style he started with I just feel like he’s not in that same creative space and doubt he will return. This is especially idiotic from a music and business perspective because there doesn’t seem to be a reason.

  • marty mcfly

    I think GOOD music was built around Kanye West. I dont know how it could be built around Cudi when it was already built before Cudi got there.

  • HouseOfStark

    @Marty tell me again how GOOD music was an elite hip hop label pre-Cudi with a bunch of artist that don’t produce numbers. Common had Finding Forever under GOOd music which is his most commercially successful album to date but that Consequence sure is a superstar….

  • marty mcfly

    I mean you want me to explain how GOOD music was already poppin before Cudi? For one you can look at Kanye West then John Legend and then Common so Cudi didnt start that shit or build that shit cause GOOD music was already moving fine before Cudi put out his album.

  • Let’s be honest, GOOD did absolutely nothing for Cudi. It ended up just being a waste of time for cudi. And i’m willing to bet you Creepers was a MOTM1 throw away track, Ye probably felt bad that he had more features on cruel summer than him. As long as cudi has nothing holding him back i’ll b okay.

    And to the haters out there, Promote what love instead of bashing what you hate!

  • HouseOfStark

    @Marty Common who was and is doing more acting than rapping more movies than albums and John Legend who had one classic album and since a fairly limited and mediocre career. John Legend is talented but lacks crossover appeal he barely headlines. GOOD was the Grammy label. Now it could be the Grammy and popular label Cudi helped mainstream GOOD music has the most supportive fantasies after Kanye. Facts are Facts.

  • marty mcfly

    So Cudi is more mainstream then John Legend? If John Legend’s career is mediocre then what the fuck is Cudi’s looking like? As for Common? I mean your talking about somebody who many consider as one of the greatest lyricist of all time. The Be album and Finding Forever both did what they was supposed to do if not go beyond the expectation so I just dont see how Cudi staying or leaving is a big deal. How is Cudi helping the label be mainstream when Cudi gets no play in the mainstream? I mean the last record I heard from Cudi was when he took Lady Gagas shit, that was a while ago and Big Sean carried the flag from there.

  • Midwestbeast

    Tbh I thought g.o.o.d. Music was actually b something more than what it is now. Cudi didn’t get any support what so ever. Common has been Mediocre and evey1 else reeks mainstream. Wtf kind if mainstream is Travis Scott. Lo key good music is sellin out. I expected more from kanye.

  • So people are upset that he chose to do what he wants to do in his own life? Does it really matter if it’s a good move or not? I don’t understand the hate.

  • Famous

    I don’t see CyHi complaining. Fck that nigga Kid.

  • paul

    tbh i just see this as a publicity stunt before cudi’s album drops

  • realtalk™

    You don’t hear CyHi complaining cause you don’t hear anything from CyHi period..

  • Brandon


  • ytt

    marty creating fake names to argue wit n shit since ayybody else know better

  • So Kanye could do a little more promoting of Cudi’s album, but at the same time Cudi should be able to eat on his own if ‘Ye is providing the fork and spoon. Pusha has been promoting My Name is My Name for a minute and released a dope ass mixtape to gain momentum and give his fans something in the meantime, same as Sean with Detroit and Hall of Fame and the rest of the artists. I haven’t heard or seen an official mixtape from Cudi in a long time. You gotta put in work to make it. WZRD was a dope album, it wasn’t emo like some of you ignorant dudes are claiming, not to mention WZRD is a Collaborative Artist similar to Gnarls Barkley. CyHi is ill too, the Kickback goes hard and eventually he will release an LP, it just isn’t his time yet.

  • the realest

    lmao @ ytt

  • UK Man

    Personally, I’ve never liked Cudi. His albums are wack.

  • Dump

    Whenever there’s discrepencies between people in the music industry and someone has to explain the situation they always use these words: (artist, path, direction, musically, what’s best for us, respect)

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