• Mike Tomlin

    217k - an accurate tally of the number of 16 year old skatebording hipster females currently alive.

  • butthurt

    keep pretending tyler the creator doesn't exist and isn't killin shit, 2dopeboyz.

  • MusicHead

    Let the hate for Wayne & love for the Wayne slander begin smh .......

  • 93



    I don't know one person in Los Angeles who bought this garbage

    These numbers are fake

    No one buys albums anymore

  • frylock

    INAHB2 goes #2 on billboard, Translation: no one gives a flying fuck. Shake might as well go lick lil waynes sack. fucking idiot.

  • Odd


  • mcd


  • jeppie

    That's the total number of white moms in america that brought this album for there wannabe kids at target and walmart...

  • Chris

    Dogg if you're over 18 years old & you say Wolf, Golf, or Golf Wang like you're part of the group; you're a fuckin male groupie. Now I listen to a lot of rappers, I even have a few favorites, but I damn we'll don't go around screaming out their name like I'm the motherfucker writing the songs! Smfh...


    That's cause you live in Pittsburgh. J/k



  • Lol

    Maybe shake just refuses to hop off their dicks until he gets more mentions on twitter or something

  • Tyler


  • comeonshakegivetheguysomecredit!!


  • Chester

    I'm still yelling Wu-Tang Forever