Who Wants A Copy Of Jabee & El-P's "Stephanie" 7-Inch?

Last year, Jabee teamed up with El-P to record "Stephanie" featuring Carlitta Durand (check the video here). Now, the DopeHouse has a copy of the limited-edition 7-inch as well as an exclusive t-shirt for one lucky dopeboy/girl. All you've gotta do for your chance to win is share your favorite Jabee song in the c-section below. Be sure to include your correct email address in the proper field as I'll be picking one winner at random. Good luck.

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  • Thuglas

    "Go Tell 'Em" is pretty raw

  • "Catch That Feeling" with Thelonius Martin

  • Luis M

    "nobody" short and sweet

  • A-Wayne

    "Ghetto" is my favorite by far!

  • Z Dub

    "Decency" for sure

  • GODr


  • Mynameis_moises

    Outro (Nobody)

  • A.D.

    "Ghetto" takes it all

  • Robenum

    "For Real". Got me listening honestly.

  • carter

    "Ghetto" hands down

  • "Decency"

  • oscar zelaya

    "How to fly"

  • Jay Dee


  • Kevin


  • Nazeeh

    "Catch That Feeling" is a dope track.

  • Ben

    'Go Tell 'Em' - "one thing I love about this dude, is that wherever he's at there's always fly white girls around" haha

  • Christian

    Jewels (Remix) ft. Gothom Green & Ayomari is one of the illest.

  • Bill


  • JC

    "Ghetto" got me into him so imma have to roll with that. Any idea where i can cop this if you don't choose me?

  • Benji james

    “Ghetto” hands down

  • ceez 707


  • Tarikh Brown

    Ghetto for sure


    Stephanie (super ugly)

  • Steve Miller

    definitely "Decency" 100%

  • Steve

    def "Decency" 100%

  • Cary

    "Nobody" all the way. I still get goosebumps when I hear it.

  • shake..you already know the people have spoken. stephanie is the crowd favorite where i'm at. we got a lotta love for them super ugly barres

  • dzo


  • Nikola

    Go Tell 'Em

  • david


  • Tone A

    Ghetto or Go Tell Em

  • Darrell G.


  • Decency

  • Strife Immaculate

    Decency. That jam is too nice!

  • miker191

    "love of the game"

  • anthony

    Jabee & Thelonious Martin- That`s So Raven from as it is in heaven EP.

    its 2dope!

  • Tony V.

    Beautiful Day remix with XV

  • David Tran


  • Ghetto, but Jabee kills it on everything.



  • Built Fordtuff

    lost love is my fav!!!

  • Shaquille Robinson

    "Catch That Feeling" is def my favorite

  • Aleh Krylou