• Killaaa

    banks feature, nice. tracklist is cool.

  • BKLYN Kid

    What happened to that Queensbridge unity? Not one QB artist feature?

  • Javid

    track 2!!!

  • WickyWoss

    this nigga stupid

  • runt

    Havoc might actually sell a few copies of this. Seems like he has some sort of buzz right now

  • Ro

    maybe 5-7000 first week but fuck sales.

    Why 2 song with Masspike Miles ?!! Havoc needs cash.

  • who cares

    What happened to "Same Shit Different Day" & "Separated (Real From The Fake)"?

  • neggero86

    ...explain that again?

  • will waters

    search the meaning of the number 13. It's a deep rabbit hole. Hvoc knows whats up.