During his time on MTV's RapFix Live, Joe Budden speaks with Sway about hip hop's obsession with Molly, his personal experiences with the drug,

Those conversations are confidential between us, but we definitely spoke about it. He shared some of his experiences; I've shared some of mine. It's a real unique situation, because we're signed there and he's one of the greatest rappers ever in my opinion, but as just a person, it's really like family.

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  • Real

    Lmfaoooooo. Joe is really milking this Molly addiction thing. I even saw this nigga on Fox News. Are you fucking serious? I love Joe's music but this dude is a fucking pussy ass clown. WHO GETS ADDICTED TO MOLLY??? I been fuckin Molly for almost 10 years. This ain't a new drug. 14 year old girls who go to raves handle their MDMA better than this faggot ass nigga does. Those raving weirdo ass asian kids at EDC handle MDMA better than this nigga does. YOU DON'T EVEN GET ADDICTED TO MDMA!!!!! lmfaoooo @ getting addicted to Molly. Wow. If these rappers knew anything about ANYTHING, your serotonin levels get hammered when you roll on MDMA. That's why people roll every COUPLE WEEKS. If you roll 2 days in a row it's a complete fucking waste. You won't feel shit unless you take 3x the amount you took the night prior. Lmao @ getting addicted to a drug that is practically impossible to enjoy 2 nights in a row. Joe is a straight fuck boy. This Molly shit in Hip Hop needs to fucking die. Worst trend/gimmick I've seen in years. Rappers are so fucking stupid sometimes. I was putting MDMA in capsules when you were still jacking off to Playboy. Get the fuck outta here Joey. 14 year old girl.

  • oloyNIGGAyolo

    @Real You and Joe Budden are both bitches. :)

  • Slaughterhouse

    Well, that 1st comment was idiotic.

    Anyways... A solo Em/Budden song is still needed.

  • http://serisony.com serisony

    Molly isn't just a nickname for MDMA, like I once thought it was too. Apparently it's MDMA mixed with a few other drugs like codeine, methamphetamine, or cocaine etc. A concoction kina like a Jeffery.

  • djray2cool

    He lying about Molly you cant even do mdma everyday cuz you just wont feel it...shit is not gonna destroy your life...IDK what he talkin about no MDMA makes you fight cops

  • djray2cool

    He lying about Molly you cant even do mdma everyday cuz you just wont feel it...shit is not gonna destroy your life...IDK what he talkin about no MDMA makes you fight cops

  • axis

    yeah, anybody who has rolled before on E, MDMA, or MDMA mixed with a bunch of crap knows that you can't even roll the day after. your serotonin levels get shot, you'll practically feel nothing. not sure how one gets addicted to a drug you have to wait days (or a week) to do again.. kind of agree with the first comment, just calm the fuck down son. lol.

  • Yuh

    Totally agree with the first comment! But damn u are mad son..

  • red

    Ever stop to think that he was fiending for the next chance to roll again? How he may of felt that life wasn't worth living on the day between doses?

    Granted I didn't watch the interview because I'm really not all that interested in watching, but as someone who struggled/struggles with addiction (9.5 months clean) that's how I'd make sense of it.
    Also, I just want to add that as long as I've been clean I've never heard of anyone getting sober from just a molly/ecstasy addiction but it doesn't someone else's reality any less real.

  • Kev

    Drug use & drug abuse are two completely different things. Too much of anything can be bad for you, even weed. You control the drugs, problems happen when people let the drugs control them. Joey has no self control & so he became a slave to molly. I bet Joey's the kinda person who can become a slave to anything. Look at all the bad bitches he fucks all the time, if sex was a bad thing he would be talking about how he's addicted to pussy. He just has an addiction problem, not a drug problem.

    BTW, I would be VERY interested to hear what kinda beats Preemo would make if he was high on molly. That would be some trippy shit.

  • zane

    @kev i am glad you made this point. these other tarts who are acting like drug abuse is something that a 14 yr old experiences have clearly grown up in a VERY VERY NICE environment

  • j

    New album coming soon

    Joe Budden - Recovery