• Irony

    PREVIOUS: Snoop Lion - No Guns Allowed f. Drake & Cori B (Video)

  • KiddJewce

    Nigga had the cap on his gun tho...

  • GodCypherDivine

    thats a nice alley oop for pusha T "i shoot real guns you shoot paint balls"

  • Truth

    ^^ Awwww bless, he really thinks Pusha lives the live he raps about.

    Regardless of whose music you prefer, you can't deny that Drake is realer than Pusha.

  • Silky Johnson

    Pusha T : “I shoot real guns you shoot paint balls”

    Drake : "Um....So?"

    Next up, Pusha mocks Aubrey for having a good education and being able to read.


  • malcyvelli

    LOL a good education is a high school diploma (that he finally recieved after being a 10th grade dropout for over half a decade)? bruh, shut up and quit gargling aubreys testes