• who cares

    A week and a half left! I'm so pumped for this album. Has the potential to be the best Wu-related album in years.

  • MacDoober

    call me crazy, but i just cant get into this guy's beats

  • spewing

    This is classic Wu right here. Sounds like something that would have dropped around Wu-Tang Forever.

    Doesn't sound mastered right though. The vocals are too quiet.

  • http://rap-essence.blogspot.com Mike

    Dope! This album is gonna be crazy.

  • Lampz

    Is this the year Wu-Tang is really coming back? First Killah Priest drops a classic, then INS drops a great album with Eso & 7L and this sounds very dope to.

  • QZA

    @Lampz AND Cappadonna released a double CD vein melter!