Joey Bada$$ – Day In The Life (prod. Harry Fraud)

blame it on Illy April 4, 2013

Before it hits tomorrow, Peter Rosenberg gives us the Harry Fraud-produced opening number titled, “Day In The Life” by Joey Bada$$ from the Hot 97 personality’s upcoming New York Renaissance mixtape. Audio courtesy of Miss Info.

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    not to crazy about it. and i feel the beat and him didnt go together well. Bronson would have killed this.

  • John Ballsack

    @NewYorkFork i don’t really feel the hook, but the rapping is fucking amazing. blaze on a bong than listen again.

  • I’llSuckYo…

    Joey > Wacktion Bronson…

  • The hook is whatever. But overall, the shit is fucking tough. We need that album.

  • (l,k)

    i really hate harry fraud’s snares

  • WWW

    Joey’s got way too comfortable after 1999. The beat though.

  • BobbyWhite

    the fuck are you saying he got comfortable? this is another mans mixtape track and he goes the fuck in


    man when i saw this i got so excited but the track aint even worth downloading dude is still young and needs work

  • chuck

    shit bangs

  • This is dope.

  • stop itt

    why he talk about shit he didnt do

  • Rassa Gleesh

    I like the hook actually. this is more of a summertime song.

  • Mike Tomlin

    WTF do you people want?

  • trufax

    u hate this u hate that
    this kid is above some of the 40 year old dudes

  • JRG

    Fraud is extremely overrated

  • runt

    This kid is extremely overrated. Boring monotonous voice/flow with average subject matter.


    im just saying this beat tough .he is borning. i rather have a rapper who doesnt spit crazy vocab but still has good subject matter and still flows . this dudes subject matter boring as fuck . he is cocky as fuck . and all his music sounds the same and im sick of him talking about shit he didnt do . like bro your 14 and kids at Sobs said you went to the same school as lil mama = softest school in brooklyn they only had a chess team

  • aHometownHero

    rap fans have a bad habit of having to relate the artist to the imagery or story. the importance is on the message. if Scorsese makes a movie about mobsters and lawless men, then the critics dont bring up the fact he went to NYU in order to discredit him. think bigger please

  • lol

    Same dude leaving negative comment after negative comment. Lil B has more stans than I thought.

  • kayo

    Joey’s got to develop a better flow. If his flow was on point he’d be incredible.

  • Trey Bones

    Fuck yo opinion niggas. “Dope and nope” don’t lie. Hatin ass zealots lmfao

  • Joe

    flow on point, hook on point, beat on point. fuck everyones opinion

  • Kevin

    what the fuck r u all talkin about ? hes progressin with every fuckin song he make and this one is dope !

  • marty mcfly

    This shit is dope end of story. If your mad at his vocabulary, well that part of his style so I guess you gonna be mad at every song he makes then. Your looking for subject matter and some kinda deeper perspective but dude is 20 years old so he aint got that much to speak on. If you come back with, well Nas made Illmatic at his age. Then yeah thats true but Illmatic is like 9 songs and its not the same time period. Joey has two mixtapes and a gang of features with him on songs at this point so basically im saying how much subject matter do you want? He aint got a catalogue of life experience yet but he’s got skills though.