Big Sean – Switch Up f. Common

blame it on Illy April 5, 2013

Big Sean connects with his G.O.O.D. Music brethren on the DJ Mano, No I.D. & Rob Kilenski-produced second single from his upcoming sophomore effort, Hall of Fame, arriving later this year.

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  • skim


  • Nick


  • Lynx

    Yep…Will be blasting on Ignorant Levels

  • BobbyWhite

    Why is this getting thumbs down???? the fuck wrong with you faggots

  • dsklfjsd

    Great song. Based on the convenient timing of this song’s release, I am almost 100% sure that subliminal shots are being fired at Cudi.

  • not

    this shit legit he coming into his own, he ready to carry the G.O.O.D music team

  • freddy g


  • MusicHead

    yep, I’m expecting nothing but the best from Sean now..considering the musical growth shown between his 1st album & where’s he at today.. I’m expecting a modern day almost classic type album. Hard af. Hard song too…good follow up to the 1st single.

  • Slaughterhouse

    Big Sean is so ass, lol.

    If he wasn’t with GOOD, his cornball lyrics wouldn’t be this hyped up.

  • ehh


    song was made way before cudi left fool.

  • adolfmayne

    the sing was cool only listened to it once

  • adolfmayne



    this shit is incredibly basic, and incredibly wack. Basically, it’s exactly what GOOD music is soposed to sound like now a days. Pusha needs to bounce. he needs to be on Roc Nation or a real roster that actually values lyricism. been a good minute since GOOD music cared about artistic value.

  • chuck

    dudes music does nothing for me.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Common stole Big Sean’s whole flow on his verse.

    Song is meh.

  • Shane

    They should change the name from good music to average or mediocre music. RIP good music.

  • lol

    wow that was terrible.they even got common rapping like a 16 yr old fag.thank god cudder left these clowns.

  • Soulo hoe

    Really wack horrible just horrible hip-pop

  • GLC knows all

    wow these guys jacked Ross’s whole flow

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    Common >>
    Big Sean is forever rapping off beat, smh

  • Roro

    Ya’ll gotta remember this is a single too. this is hot for that, there’s gonna be way realer shit on the album just wait and see.

  • Jaymalls


  • randy

    funny how the niggas you hipster fags claim are “real hip hop” like common are trying to rap like the niggas you claim are fake like ross. i think its pretty clear whose running shit now.

  • Brandon

    “G.O.O.D Music or not..KID CUDI is one of my people….thats the bad energy right there…” – Big Sean

  • cashmadison

    This is a cruel summer leftover… pusha T was on it when I heard it a year ago almost.. the original concept was about threesomes that’s why commons rapping about girls and getting what he wants..

  • EricDean

    This is hot garbage.

    Sean sounds like an eight-year old rapping off beat and Common is trying to be somebody else.

  • frylock

    this shit sucks. an im a big sean fan

  • malcyvelli

    this hot garbage, common probably couldve saved it if he didnt put a sean flow on this but im sure the basic ass niggas gonna bump this all fucking day

  • Byg7

    I dunno bout dis one!

  • Me

    It’s like these dudes are being paid to kill hiphop. This is beyond horrible. NO artistic value whatsoever. The ONLY thing I’m checking for from GOOD Music is Q-Tip’s album. Period. They can keep the rest of this trash.

  • bigErn

    Tons of feature rappers “copy, steal or adopt” the main rapper’s flow. This isn’t new anymore!

  • MoneyG

    Common SNAPPED! This joint goes in!

  • Jarvo

    Ehhhhhhh you niggas really think this is dope? Its decent, Beat knocks tho.

  • T9FTW

    “DJ Mano” = Million $ Mano?

  • marty mcfly

    For people talking about Common switching up his flow or trying to do something he aint got no business doing? Common made an entire album full of songs like this and its called Universal Mind Control so NO Common aint trying to do something he hasn’t already done before. This song is meh I guess but whatever its not like I was expecting some shit from some super underground MC, its Big Sean he got a bunch a shit like this.

  • Jrock

    Dopest song I’ve heard in a while

  • chris

    no no no this song is terrible

  • Riller

    GTOH if you dont recognize good music when you hear it! This is tight and so was Guap! Big Sean is one of the illest MCs in the game and he keeps proving it. HOF is already shaping up to be better than Finally Famous, which was great aswell. Detroit was fresh and everyone he’s played Hall Of Fame for has said it’s even better and will be a classic. You can suck all your negative energy down your cords. HATERS NEVER PROSPER!

  • bigErn

    why does a rap song with one feature need to be 5 minutes?

  • fuck

    * waits for a rape ross verse to come in*

  • FreshSup

    Not feelin’ this at all.

  • wow

    pains me a lil to say i’m in here cosigning everything BAADMUSIC said.. this shit is super forgettable just like sean’s past few singles from hof. had high hopes for that shit too

  • gregory kruxx.

    this shits dope. solid effort. but its the production that does it justice.

  • King James

    He’s yelling too much, on some Meek Mill shit. Also kinda lost me when the opening line was “bitch I’m sexy as fuck”, next… Common was wicked dope though

  • shit aint even that good.

    common did his thing tho

  • J’ai

    KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT. I’m renegading swear to Lordy.

  • I AM!

    Fuck is he talking about on that first verse? Im lost. This shit is TRASH.

  • Dope Boi

    This is actually pretty good

  • fucking dumbass

    “Pusha = lyricism”


  • RackDaddy

    i jam’d every mixtape he put out and FF but this is straight ASS! guap was aight tho…Cadillac Com tried to help but its still ASS. That first verse was random as fck. Look forward to the album tho, just because he released this bullshit don’t mean the album will be wack

  • Madmusiq

    These dudes are idiots talking about Poetic Justice should have been left off the album…You have to have a song that will have mass appeal to break-out. There are multiple examples of this….
    Look at Biggie with Big Poppa on the Ready to Die album.