• http://www.mandibleclaw.com jacob

    Digging these tracks. Hope they can get El P to do some production.

  • crispix

    fuck yes

  • http://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite/still-partyin-still-bullshittin DJ Lanky White

    @ jacob

    El-P unfortunately already said that he will never work with Can Ox again. He never gave a reason but I'm assuming there's beef between them.

  • MFZoned

    @DJ Lanky White

    Yea there was some kind of beef following the death of Camu. Vast split with DefJux and was dissin EL-P and Cage. Cannibal Ox technically broke up before this though because Vordul was dealing with depression or some shit at the time.

  • Prevster

    Vasta Aire is a genius

  • ok

    Vast aire is super over rated vordul mega is dope but live only vast Aire raps

  • milkrates

    Your fucking crazy OK