Random Acts of F*ckery: Ray J Hit It First Edition

blame it on Shake April 5, 2013

Oh man… this Ray J guy just doesn’t stop. As if the Unkut mixtape wasn’t enough, he really pixelated (Kanye West style on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) a picture of Kim Kardashian for the cover of his next single, entitled “I Hit It First.” I’m not sure whether I should laugh at the overall hilarity of the situation or feel sorry for dude, considering he’s still trying scratch and claw at fame over a five-year-old sextape. Dah well… for those that are actually curious about the music (*shrugs), the single drops this Tuesday on iTunes.

  • Jaymalls

    This is sader then him singing “One Wish” in Flloyd’s living room! Move on nigga! You brandy’s brother… you got money…. GET OVER THIS SLAWWW!

  • hi

    these niggas are lower than dogs. no fucking morals.

  • Famous

    Nigga said featuring Bobby Brackins..

  • Chris

    This is what Kanye gets though man, he can’t ever take back the fact that he got a household ho pregnant… If he was just smashing Kim then it would be like “Who cares if Ray J hit it first, I’m just trying to smash too”, but then he had to go and get her pregnant. Smh!

  • The artwork is pretty cool.

  • @

    yall need to stop projecting your past heartbreaks onto other people’s real life shit and learn to live with yourselves. dafuq you internet nerds know about a woman? lol

  • wat

    If Ray J made this for no reason then he should get a fucking life and shut the fuck up.

    However, if Kanye provoked him somehow, and this is Ray’s response, then go for it.

    If Kanye did fire the first shot, I’m not aware of it. I don’t pay attention to either of these 2.

  • Mike Dieseal

    haha Ye stans mad as fuck son, lMFAO u niggaz is some hoe ass niggaz forreal fuck Ye he is wack and Kim is hot but she ain’t she

  • yup


  • Ce Ce

    Ray J is plain ole STARVIN MARVIN for some dam attention !! he went from the sex tape to beefing with someone ** I cant remember who** screaming he got indoor.outdoor swiming pool and basketball court n all that jazz… to now this.. ONG go play ball and sit down.. PLZ ! im tired of hearing about him AND KIM K !!!! THX :)

  • kiko

    thing is Yeezys probably going to have one really hot line comparing ray j to like a cracked out lex steel on a track that is gonna be on everyones radio this summer and then its game over for this cat.

  • YMCMBracancer

    Pssssshhh nah son, no way in hell he was the first to hit that nasty rotten tuna smelling hairpied gash first, fuck dat.

  • who cares

    Laugh. My. Ass. Off. Funniest shit I’ve seen all week.

  • eh

    I’d never check out a Ray J song, but I’m gonna listen to this. So his plan worked?

  • 2dope4nope

    He did though haha

  • david

    haha not gonna check it out but I like that he’s launchin an unprovoked diss on Ye, get’s a ‘Dope’ from me. Too many people on here gettin sensitive, get a sense of humor, children