Capital STEEZ - Apex (Video)

Another posthumous video from the late Pro Era member, which, while very short in length, showed the spirit Steez and the rest of the Pro Era crew embody. Off the AmeriKKKan Korruption Reloaded mixtape. Peace to mtvU on the premiere. RIP STEEZ.

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  • polo hova

    Pretty f'n dope

  • Chris

    How was the PEEP: The aPROcalypse mixtape in your guys' opinion? I still haven't had the time to give it a full listen...

    • Jarvo

      Tbh it was ok at best the "Stuck in the 90's" niggas love it but it was cool.

  • wat

    ^ It was pretty good. A bit slow and I personally wouldn't find myself listening twice but I do like what Pro Era is doing.

  • swagonmydick

    this sucked just because hes dead doesnt make everything he does fucking gold. RIP STEEZ

  • AndOneill

    Rest in piece king capital!! Such a good talent gone way to early! In my opinion he was the best in pro era, download his tape if u havnt all ready

  • rascal

    @swagonmysmalldick are u even listenin to what dudes spittin?
    everytime i hear a song from this guy i wanna hear more and now im to the point wher i want some new shit to bump. but sadly that will never happen. ive had friends with many different talents do the same thing steez did and what i wouldnt do to see them shine again.

  • Sticky

    after a couple of listens it became one of my favorite projects to come out last year, theres only like two tracks i skip over listening to it. I'd definitely recommend trying to get in to it

  • freshsup

    PEEP was so on point. Reminded me of some earlier 90's boom bap. Great project from an incredibly dope crew.

  • nate

    steez is a young legend already

  • Damn man what a shame he took his own life. Got to wonder what kind of demons he was battling. Such a sick MC, R.I.P.

  • e


  • AboveTheNorman

    ^ yea project is definitely dope. may be a little bit slow but there's definitely some bangers on there. i.e. The Renaissance

  • fuck a suicidal faggot

    demons? this nigga was scared that the gov was out to get him. people need to stop pussying out on life and just live it. fucking faggots. shout out to all my living people right now. continue typing on these keyboards bros



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