Lloyd Banks – Picture This

blame it on JES7 April 7, 2013

Off Vol. 1 of Banks’ Failure’s No Option.

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  • dope

    Bee aye in kay dollar sign bitch!

  • Chris

    Finally some new Banks in this bitch! TYBG (*Gets down on one knee & prays.)

  • who cares

    Not what I was expecting, but still ill nonetheless.

  • Gunz

    this some dope shit right here

  • Killaaa

    yessssssssssss #PLK

  • A

    sounds like some 97 shit… and thats a very very good thing

  • rwq

    one of the few banks song i have liked in about 5 years

  • 2dope4nope

    Dope and needed for this Sunday I-5 cruising! Salute the PLK.

  • thooo

    he should be on that yay remix for sure

  • jaybarz

    this shit is dope but banks needs to stay active…this nigga puts out a song or a mixtape then just dissapears for months…no videos, no interviews, no blogs no nothin smh you gotta stay active these days or you’ll get left behind…banks could be way bigger by now

  • Killaaa

    the dl link is on the youtube page, yall should post that.

  • who cares

    ^Oh shit thanks for posting that. I never actually opened up YouTube so I would’ve missed it.

  • PsychoBoy

    Much better than his last few tracks love the vibe of it. All i care about is good music not music videos and interviews like a groupie.

  • LS

    Dope sample. …”Bedtime Stories” by Slim (of 112) for those who were curious

  • not

    ^^^”impeach the presodent” by the honeydrippers, as well

    • LS


  • six

    smooth ass track..i dig this way better than follow the leader and like homie mentioned above he needs to be way more active..he never does videos n promo