Brad Paisley – Accidental Racist f. LL Cool J

blame it on the intern April 8, 2013

Country singer Brad Paisley touches the topic of race with LL Cool J on his single “Accidental Racist”. LL Cool J’s album Authentic coming soon.

  • racist

    I’m confused by this, on one hand there’s a good message. On the other is a terrible mash-up like nails and chalk boards…aaaahhhh whatt is this noise?

  • The North

    da fuck was that? did LL really jus say “R.I.P. Robert E Lee?”? lol shit is so forced

  • NotAnAccident

    what this really sounds like to me is, Brad: “I’m a racist, but i wasn’t a slave owner” then LL comes in like: “i’m a racist, and i know you are too, i won’t judge you tho if u don’t judge me”.. I guess part 2 will get around to talking about how it was an accident. So far all i hear is “Racist”.

  • HTX

    Why did he put LL on it? Shouldve got an artist out the south like Big Boi or something wouldve made a little more sense… But you gotta give it to country taking on every topic possible