• http://basicnerf.wordpress.com Vigilante

    Surprisingly solid tape so far. I'm on track 5, and as I type this comment up I just realized that the tracklist on the back cover and the tracks on datpiff are aligned a little differently.

  • King Tyrone

    La Musica de Harry Fraud

  • sf

    Datpiff always fuck up tracklists man

  • Pre

    Born to win beat is fucking incredible.

  • chuck

    harry fraud is about to be a legend.

  • http://www.myspace.com/TheMaynardBros Roberto Maynardo The Thirdo

    Harry Fraud is the Nino Brown of this hip hop production tip. Never have I ever heard Rap Beats sound so dope. And the horns...the horns. Unbelievable. Top 5 dead or alive in the game right now.

  • Ricky

    That Herold Melvin and the Blue Notes You Know How to Make Me Feel So Good sample on Marvelous is the best thing about this tape.

  • Wesson

    Fckin awesome, the boy Harry Fraud is definitely one of the illest beatmakers in the game. And Eddie B is nice on the mic, this joint has nothing to complain about.