Fall Out Boy – The Mighty Fall f. Big Sean

blame it on the intern April 8, 2013

FOB gets Big Sean on their latest single from their upcoming Save Rock & Roll album.

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  • Killaaa

    *insert laughing Michael Jordan gif*

  • pretentious |priˈten ch əs|
    attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed : a pretentious literary device.

  • house boiee

    ^lol. maybe when ppl actually do work like this they’ll understand how it happens and why it does and stop acting “pretentious.”

  • Hmm somethings fishy

    They are titling their album, Save Rock n Roll…yet there’s a rapper featured on this song…

  • Koins

    FALL OUT BOY is creating there own lane, what do you critics not see? Listen, Enjoy and spread. Its MUSIC not a test. This is dope.

  • anna

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