Cassie – Paradise f. Wiz Khalifa (Video)

Directed by Alex Nazari.

Cassie rides around L.A. and catches up with Wiz in her latest visual. The Singer's new mixtape #RockaByeBaby drops this Thursday.

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  • TruthHurtsNigga

    How does this have so many Dopes? Must be peak time for virgins and potheads.

    Song is ass.

  • TB

    ^^^ prob gets no pussy

  • mundoe

    Problem, like whaaat!

  • will

    decent song actually. first listen wiz's verse was pretty dope. cassie can get it, even with that stupid half shaved head look.

    on another note, I always knew wiz was scrawny as fuck, but dammmnnn dudes arms are half the size of cassies lmao. does he even eat??

  • zookeeper

    horrible song and video... can't be a paradise if you can't even move...

  • Da Gawd

    I fucks with this

  • chopz

    wiz stole that neako swag haha

    and ummm...

  • J DOE

    jeremih in the video¿ he is so fucking great. gettin shine.
    karrueche is corny as fuck,same as cassie. lol

  • King James

    Probably not gonna listen to this too much. But I can't lie, Wiz's verse was fire. Flow was dope, freshest verse I've heard from him in a while.