Dame Dash On The Combat Jack Show

blame it on the intern April 10, 2013

Dame Dash speaks on Aaliyah, Jay-Z, the industry, financial rumors and more on The Combat Jack Show.

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. Damon Dash talks Aliyah, life without Jay Z, how he’s completely done with the music game, why he was an asshole to anyone who got in his way and why the kind of “broke” he is might be the best thing in the world. We also get some very tense moments as Just Blaze finally airs out why he didn’t eff with Dame. Ya’ll truly ain’t ready for this dynasty thing.

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  • 3rd Eye

    LMAO @ dame saying Just Blaze bought a fake throwback jersey.


    Great grown up interview.

    @29:50 “At times there is really a lot of guilt from pushing a movement that’s not healthy to your culture. I was pushing that it was healthy to sell drugs and get it however you can, and disrespecting women and all that you know. For a 20 year old being ignorant, without a male figure to guide you, that shit is somewhat acceptable to a certain level, but for a 30-35 year old you can’t justifiably keep doing that knowing you got children, and the harm that it does to your culture.”

  • TheKingOnMars

    This shit is way past Classic. Dame Dash is still the one of the best in or out of hip hop. I like how Just Blaze is trying to settle old beefs and he is making the old Dame come out. Classic

  • na

    so this just reconfirmed for the millionth time that dame is a faggot