• 3rd Eye

    LMAO @ dame saying Just Blaze bought a fake throwback jersey.


    Great grown up interview.

    @29:50 “At times there is really a lot of guilt from pushing a movement that’s not healthy to your culture. I was pushing that it was healthy to sell drugs and get it however you can, and disrespecting women and all that you know. For a 20 year old being ignorant, without a male figure to guide you, that shit is somewhat acceptable to a certain level, but for a 30-35 year old you can’t justifiably keep doing that knowing you got children, and the harm that it does to your culture.”

  • TheKingOnMars

    This shit is way past Classic. Dame Dash is still the one of the best in or out of hip hop. I like how Just Blaze is trying to settle old beefs and he is making the old Dame come out. Classic

  • na

    so this just reconfirmed for the millionth time that dame is a faggot