KiD CuDi To Push Up Indicud Release Date

blame it on Meka April 10, 2013

It’s rare for artists to push up release dates due to leaks, but Scott is doing just that, announcing via the Twitter that his third album will now drop next Tuesday (April 16th), a full week before its original due date.

Who has listened to it already? Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

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  • randomguy

    It’s Ok

  • mad

    Smart move, album is just alright, beats are bad, Young Lady and Red Eye and Brothers are the best songs that arent singles

  • Ty

    Cudi’s best album to date (No disrespect to the classic that is “End Of Day” Masterpiece from start to finish.

  • Ty

    Indicud is the most original sound ive ever heard on an album. Sick beats sick verses sick hooks sick features. His progression from A Kid Named Cudi To Indicud is incredible.

  • malcyvelli

    this is the first time ive ever ehard of an album being pushed up lol

  • Mike Tomlin

    @Ty no way you can say hes progressing since MOTM. MOTM is his best studio album, MOTM2 his second and WZRD his weakest performance. Indicud is too new to rank but after a few listens its not on MOTMs level. While Indicud is a progression from WZRD, I think hes regressed at least since MOTM.

    If you want to listen to progression, throw on Goblin and Wolf back to back.

  • WZRD is a Cudi & Dot Da Genius collab album. It is not a Cudi album…he didn’t rap a single line on that album. This guy is special, man. He’s released some of the most original work, period, with every album. He basically created his on genre. Indicud is dope!

  • **Own

  • Ty

    Cudi’s 1st album is 808’s and Heartbreak not MOTM. Indicud is not MOTM but it doesnt need to be. Its a completly different Cudi and thats good. Cudi is in a entire different space & place in his life now.

  • Jeff

    Album is 7/10 could go higher after a couple more spins.

  • Mike Tomlin

    ^^ Ehh I guess technically but according to yeaaahh Cudi “didn’t rap one line on that album” sans maybe a Welcome to Heartbreak cameo. I actually love that album and am a huge Cudi fan I just think MOTM 1 & 2 were amazing albums and he hasnt reached that success since.

    @yeaaahhh I realize that but if were going with that argument – Dot Dot Genieus didnt rap a line on that album either. Moans do not replace good lyrics and I think most will agree WZRD was Cudi weakest work regardless of what genre it was.

  • dumbass

    808’s and Heartbreak is Kanye West you dumbfuck

  • Mike Tomlin

    @dumbass Cudi ghostwrote that whole album you dumbfuck

  • Ty


    Go read he credits dumbass & see who co wrote mostly every song on the album. now suck my dick “dumbass”

  • The God

    Cudi worked on two songs…

  • Obi Juan

    Kid Cudi is not a rapper’s rapper. His music is not for the Hip Hop purist. His music has never been, but I respect that. He defiantly created his own genre. I can best describe it as a mix of modern Indie rock, psychedelic, and hip hop and i find the concept pretty ill. He isn’t trying to pave his own way and not be like the last guy. He is one of the most creative minds in the industry. How can you hate one that?

  • If you think Cudi didnt write & HEAVILY influence 808s than you’re crazy. Thats all him.

  • Ty

    Cudi still spending bread off 808s & Heartbreak. Best believe Yeezy cut the check. LoL. You can have my style but you will most def pay for it.

  • Ty

    @ The Fraud

    Cudi wrote every hook on 808s weather he was credited for it or not. Yeezy payed for his style.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Damn yall are gonna make me put 808s back in the rotation and with KRIT, Indicud and Wolf all getting heavy spins right now thats a tough rotation to crack.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah but its a good chance that Kanye made ten times more money then Cudi on his own style. I think that Kanye album went like diamond or some shit and the originator of the style which would be Cudi followed up after that but by then Kanye had commercialized that style to the point where he killed it and its been dead ever since.

  • Ty

    Cudi style will never die he always reinventing himself one way or another. He’s too unique of an artist. GO PICK THAT ALBUM UP ON THE 16TH YOU BITCH YOU :)

  • @Mike Tomlin – All I’m saying is WZRD is separate, joint album. It can’t be compared to his solo work.

  • marty mcfly

    Cudi didnt really reinvent himself to the point where his sound could be new again but whatever. He did what he had to do to get in the game but anytime somebody gives away their style or sells it to somebody else or whatever then they sacrifice some of their own career performance and thats just what it is. What if Drake sold Kanye West So Far Gone and let him put it out? Then of course his career might not be what it is today. I think thats what happen to Cudi to a substantial degree.

  • Ignorance is Bliss

    it sounds like indie music and kid cudi…………hence the title.

    so yeah people who hate on it sound like people who hate on country music because its southern white dudes. its just the genre bruH.

    Take it for what it is and appreciate the message. All praise cudder. that is all.

  • T Money


    If you dont fuck with Cudi what yo bitchass doing on this post? You did the same shit on J Cole last post. You been on this site daily for the last 3 years. Go do something with yourself i know your mother phone bill is high as shit how much you online. Would tell you go get some pussy but that would require you leaving 2dopeboyz something we all know isnt gon happen. Been you you was gay as fuck.faggot

  • @Ghost I think Frank Ocean had alot to do with 808s and Heartbreak writing..imo

  • marty mcfly

    @T Money, it seems my comment upset you. LOL

  • Ty

    Fuck outta here cudi stay reinventing himself & music in general. Thats why he’s highly respected by the same rappers/artists you dick ride on the daily. One of the most unique niggas ever in the game.

  • 3 Dope

    @TyLFI Nobody knew of Frank Ocean back then.

  • marty mcfly

    Gnarles Barkley >>>

  • Ty

    Gnarles Barkley is dope. Im out.

  • house boiee

    Cudi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>gnarles barkley

  • @

    Marty always making it so that rappers are in each others lanes. what a dumbass way to look at an artist when people go out and by all their favorite artists tickets and albums.
    The only people who take each others lanes are the haters trying to get their opinions known by putting them out as facts, which is what you do every post. trying to argue with opinions when all you do is put out your own personal views and think they’re right.

  • ngga gave Indicud 7/10, the album is garbage many have said so already. yet there are 30 dickriders in here still jumping for joy.

  • che

    Album is dope. Definitely gonna purchase a few songs off iTunes when it drops. This is the first Cudi album I’ve listened to.

  • I have never seen a comment thread that is more retarded than this one in my entire life.

  • Regardless of what the hell you say about cudi, the man is fucking original.

  • flip illson

    End of Day > Indicud > The Legend of Mr. Rager

    *even tho “All Along” and “Mojo So Dope” is shitting on every individual song on Indicud, Indicud is a better overall piece of work.

    —a dying metaphor—

  • 2

    not gonna say it’s a bad album, it’s just not my style.. at all.
    cudi was really dope back when he was flowing over hip hop beats but those days seem to be over for him

  • 33

    Marty mcfly just needs to shut entirely the fuck up. Niggas comments been gettin dumber with each post…