Rich-P - Ego f. Fame (Video)

Rich-P's new mixtape, Anubis, drops on Cinco De Mayo.

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  • yessa

    dope visual clean metaphors too

  • TRILLionaire

    I Fuck With Rich-P Harlem Is Forever Winning

  • JoeySteez

    Real Rap Shit Rich P Always Delivers Dope Shit

  • Nystateofgrind

    Fire Video, Dope Lyrics !!!

  • UCLAmoe2013

    Decent record.. radio friendly to.. no hate

  • nanix333

    Yes big bro!! I'M counting on you!!! Jamming!!


    This is like a underground Fab and Drake collab but better hope these two make it

  • Joey Geesh

    How are they like fab and drake?

  • Likkle

    I can appreciate new artist that can actually fucking rap good shit

  • tylerdeauvea

    Haha, dude sounds like Red Cafe.

  • Yeezus

    Bruh This Shit Goes

  • Cokeboy718

    Hannnn rich-flee


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