Travi$ Scott’s XXL Freshmen Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Meka April 10, 2013

The youngest G.O.O.D. Music member is the next up to freestyle for the House of Harris.

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  • Mike Tomlin

    Rappers are turning each other gay trying to one up these questionable clothing choices.

  • milly

    @Mike your gay commenting on dudes fashion sense. if you dont follow travis, which you dont, you probably wouldnt understand his swag, its levels beyong your comprehension please dont even try. nggas gettn salty noping this cause it was getting dopes lol fuck outta here wait till upper echelon drops

  • Instead of trying to look cool he shoulda focused more on his freestyle

  • He cant even keep his flow going. That sweater he is wearing is highly is very female like. what alot of these guys dont realize is alot of these designers are homosexual, which isnt a problem, but when act as if u get the most hoes. how can you dress in female inspired clothing ?

  • beastman318

    The outfit was just as bad as the freestyle. Not saying he sucks but the freestyle was weak. Plus he kept fixing his ninja face mask. lol!

  • Exhibit C

    Reminds me of Wale

  • malcyvelli

    couldnt even focus on the raps because his whole wardrobe adjustments kept distracting him smh

  • Jarvo

    This nigga

  • niggaa

    Rocky clone

  • marty mcfly

    First off never wear that shirt again and take that dumbass mask off if you cant get through a verse without awkwardly fixing it multiple times. I wont even get into the fucking bars…

  • hahaha this shit was funny. And he said “La Flame” at the end like he killed it lololol

  • Turok

    Probably one of the worst and most embarrassing freestyles of 2013 and the faggy sweater not even important, if you want to wear a ninja mask at least get the size cause it seems the grown man mask aint fittin ahahaha

  • rapgame

    i fucks with travis but he should of just let that shit fall the first could see that nigga still trynna fix it after he finished his freestlye lmao. niggas gonna be clowning him for a minute cause of this shit

  • Hip hop is starting to get like 80s glam/hair metal. Rappers care more about how they look than the actual music.

  • Why does it say G.O.O.D. music? Ain’t Travi$ Scott with Epic/Grand Hustle?

  • Jomoses

    Travis is on Grand Hustle… Why does 2dope keep saying GOOD music?

  • cashmadison

    He’s a signed producer on g.o.o.d. and artist on grand hustle..

  • Cudder

    Signed on good music as a produce .but this is horrible ,niggs is losing interest fast …

  • KatoXV

    I swear he was reading his verse, every time he stumbled over a bar he had to look down to keep the freestyle going Lol

  • realtalk™

    This dude is trash but he got some nice guest features in his stash.. he should just put those out and fade away!

  • zookeeper

    this was ass-tastic as Big Sean would say…


    okay this kid is a herb he wants to dress like ian connor. he came in rapping like kanye now raps like wale with a asap rocky flow. grew out the joey badass dreds and dresses like my sister. your a cornball travis you will never be yourself . your a real fagget because all you do is want to be other men .

  • yup


  • HiiiLife

    FUCKING GARBAGE. #KillYourself

  • Nes

    my mom has has that sweater

  • ShonJean

    I fuck with Trav cause he’s a young nigga, but he REALLY fucked up. Like, consistent wardrobe malfunctions and looking at his freestyle somewhere on the ground. This is not XXL worthy. You gotta come wit it.

  • Nigga looks like a flamboyant Foot Clan member. Nigga wearin Lambchops vaginal hairs. This freestyle was wack, and this nigga was cosplayin’ while tryin’ to showcase why he’s worth the hype in his biggest outlet yet.

    This dude’s a dweeb; let this be a lesson to all these big-named rappers: just because you a blog titan don’t mean you a good artist.

    Hope this nigga get dropped faster than Urijah Hall dropped Bubba.

  • J_Sleazy

    It looks like this nigga took Michael Jackson’s glove & made it into a shirt..

  • xpick

    @shonjean you clearly haven’t seen the oj da juiceman freestyle from the freshman list a few years back… ANYTHING is xxl worthy lol

  • bitch tits 09

    if that face thing keeps falling off why is he wearing it that just seems itchy and irritating

  • kidkeef

    i dont really care bout his clothes…just listening to the freestyle., its not really rhymes i can fuck with. Just bein Real. solo did good, q did good, joey did good…

  • 518

    wow this shit is just embarrassing for good music and the new generation..dude isnt even fresh with that shit n his bars are lame. good flow. lame bars. jelly on biscuits? cmon dog that shit is corny