Cassie – RockaByeBaby (Mixtape)

blame it on the intern April 11, 2013

Cassie releases her new mixtape RockaByeBaby featuring 13 tracks and special appearances by French Montana, Fabolous, Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, Pusha T and more. Tracklist, stream and link after the cut.

2.Paradise ft. Wiz Khalifa
3.Take Care of Me Baby ft. Pusha T
4.Addiction ft. French Montana
5.Numb ft. Rick Ross
6.Sound of Love ft. Jeremih
7.I Love It ft. Fabolous
9.I Know What You Want
10.Turn Up ft. Meek Mill
11.Do My Dance ft. Too Short
12.Bad Bitches ft. Ester Dean
13.All My Love

DOWNLOAD: Cassie – RockaByeBaby (Mixtape)

  • WeezyFBaby

    I’m downloading because she pretty

  • skiler187

    I am streaming because I saw her nude pics. Why not just drop a mixtape to stay relevant?

  • YJeezy

    do the people who listen to her know that she actually cant sing and fucked 2 people for a record deal and 1 of them uses his money and contacts as you can see from this and in exchange she gives him a good night

  • Da Gawd

    yO I would fuck the SHIT outta this bitch

  • Truthhurts22

    Predictable and non progressive. I’ll take Jhene aiko and Rochelle Jordan instead.

  • electrotherapy

    this bitch has 2 solo songs on this tape on which she can’t even hold her own

  • BuckNasty

    Sorry honey but you really don’t have much talent when it comes to music. Can’t sing, can’t write. It’s glaringly obvious your entire persona is the result of a roundtable of record execs and music writers/producers.

    Your image change is so contrived and forced. WTF is up with the cover? You holding a gun? You a shooter now? It doesn’t make any sense.

    99% of the features are other artists who, just like you, aren’t poppin. That’s a bad sign.

    Altough you runied your body with those bolt on tittays, rest of you is gorgeous. Stick to modelling.

  • Man I wish I was in the cohort of niggas that got they dick slathered with Cassie’s mouth juices to be on this mixtape.
    She must’ve sucked the nut outta 9 niggas and prolly went vagina minin’ for Ester to get her dingy lookin ass on this shit, too.
    I’ll just “watch” the videos for the songs on this shit.

  • Damn I didn’t think Cassie would get so much negative feedback! I’m streaming it now and it ain’t bad to me. I like the beat production and the mixing is on point. I’ll admit her lyrics are subpar but she flows well on the beats. Again the beats are dope so I’m fasho going to download it

  • Take That Take That

    Ap’s buzz is growin stronger everyday
    When your people say my name more than Game says ‘Dre’
    Tryna get Connecticut poppin’ and I’ma pave the way
    Cassie don’t count, she don’t even rep us anyway

    – Apathy, The Doe Rakers

    Fuck You Cassie

  • Xrey

    @therealbabyb I guess the problem is, is that she isn’t a singer. No one is a fan of an untalented model who has money for great beats and for someone to spend a long time in the studio adding pitch corrector and auto tune to create music that she can’t even perform live. Im talking both R&B and HipHop. No one wants to hear that anymore, Honestly i just want to move forward from that era. It would help if the world could recognize talent and support it, instead of going along with whatevers subpar/ Good enough.

    No one hates her. I just don’t care for it.. It dosnt move me. Frank ocean, Jessie ware, Miguel,the internet, Jhene etc. Lets Support Potential Greatness.

  • SteveTaunt

    The amount of Collabs she has on this Mixtape tells me so much. LOL Distraction.

  • the production on ‘numb’ is tight & ‘sound of love’ is tolerable w/ jeremih & that switch up at the end. i don’t understand why she used the m.A.A.d city instrumental. this mixtape makes sense as a whole but as an artist, she still seems lost.

  • the realest

    lol crazy thing is if niggas knew they’d know this shit goin ham everywhere. smh niggaz get no pussy. just hate and comment all day lol.

    but on a bigger note. is see bad boy making they lil push.

  • Obvious

    y’all actin like pretty face with no voice turned singer is new, cmon peoples. ciara made millions off of her eq’d voice. That being said she def got in bed with the right people to get where shes at with her music career, but aint nothin new

  • the game and rick ross album had a shit load of features, no one said anything then. Alot of people can’t hold their own but at lease she made good use of the features. The production is decent, the mixtape isn’t that bad. 75% of her sons should be a slow ti mid tempo tho. the hate is crazy on here sometime

  • sfsdfdsfsdf

    @thatscrazy: Did you pay any attention? Everyone gave both of them so much shit for having so many features on their albums.

  • ayo

    I’m sorry but this is a dope project for what it is. Its a street project and some shit you either fuck your bitch to or on the why to some night life scene driving around high in the car with bitches. I’m not sitting there dissecting the lyrics. its cassie but then again the lyrics are kinda dope. but she does has a distinctive voice i don’t need her to sing falsetto! Its just mood music and its good production with a sexy bitch that has some presence. whats there not to like about that? that’s like saying t-boz was super talented.. she was good for what she was good for. cassie definitely stepped up on this one.