• Chris

    Someone shoot me a DL link for the Apollo Brown version! I got these cheeseburgers!

  • http://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite/wu-war-iii DJ Lanky White

    First I've ever heard a cassette tape exclusive track

  • who cares

    Jesus Christ! My hype for this album is through the roof! I already pre-ordered the album the day it went live so I should be getting a cassette, but I still hope someone uploads it to mp3 form. I would love to have both versions on the iPod.
    @DJ Lanky White - Well the song is going to be on the original album, but Apollo Brown did an entirely different set of beats for the entire "Twelve Reasons To Die" (produced by Adrian Younge) Apollo's version is on cassette only and there's only a limited number printed.

  • Chris

    Yo @Who Cares, PLEASE hit me up if you find the mp3 version of The Brown Tape! PLEASE!

  • who cares

    @Chris no doubt, but how exactly would I get in contact with you? 2dopeboyz deletes any comments that have links in them.

  • jim

    ^put your link in the website bar next to the email bar when you submit your comment