Kid CuDi Speaks On Cruel Summer & Leaving G.O.O.D Music (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas April 11, 2013

In part 2 of Kid CuDi’s sit down interview with DJ sourMILK and Justin Credible of the LA Leakers, Mr. Solo Dolo speaks on why he has only one track on Cruel Summer and his story on leaving G.O.O.D. Music. Check out part 1 here.

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  • I will squigy your car for one dollar

    Cudi was beefin with Kanye in some way. If you listen to “Cold Blooded” on his new album he says, “the lost black sheep of GOOD Music” and similar instances throughout the whole album.

  • kanye east

    high concept, poor execution. sorry, cudder

  • Tate

    this nigga fell off albums sucks ass
    horrible beats

  • Lix

    Wrd to Cudi, an great album defo a grower.

  • lol

    Son is a rapper. He just hasnt had a nigga wakeup call yet.

  • Me

    This nigga sounds White-washed. I don’t know one Black person that whips down the street with their windows down, blasting Cudi out of their system. His crowd lacks melanin.

    • Jarvo

      I do..?

      You folks rather hear him make the same ol shit than try something else.

  • Real Talk

    It makes sense though he’s on some other shit I don’t see how he’d relate to guys like Pusha T and the current rap style or content, which is most of what GOOD music is compromised of.

  • morning_coffee

    he didn’t fit in with g.o.o.d. rather they part on good terms than having to hear him hamfisted in somewhere. his entire catalog is on a different, not better or worse, planet than what goes on over there.

    dude is a “thinks in color explosions” type artist, though. this album definitely wasn’t it, despite some pretty dope tracks. feel like the album being “it” could be in the pipeline one day, but this isn’t.

    also, that Young Bolton track is something your favorite rapper has the mind for. that shit is crazy.

  • @

    “His crowd lacks melanin.”

    what other crowd is there? nobody else is supporting these rappers. stupid fucking black people.

  • Coolin

    Statistically, white people buy the most Hip Hop records. So…….