Lil Wayne – Terrorists (I’m Good) f. Meek Mill

blame it on Illy April 11, 2013

I Am Not A Human Being II leftover. DPR.

  • tmlp103

    this was actually decent. besides meek (insert hater comment here)

  • JustSaying

    typical mmg beat with a typical meek verse *kanye shrug*

  • MMG

    Generic beat, with an even more generic verse from Meek. Wayne had some of his better punchlines of late on here, though. Overall, it was not good.

  • I mean it’s coo, nothin’ special tho. It’s just Wayne on a typical trap beat “shrug”

  • Mike Tomlin

    Nope. Skipped ahead and heard “so hard pussy niggas make me nervous” and I couldnt. We sure this is a leftover and not just a change in beats?

  • johnny

    best song i heard album sucked dick

  • dimebeatz

    I liked it.. Meek came dope.. hes good in short amounts and fast beats.. lil waynes 2nd verse was tight.. beat was cool too.. Naw, its nothing deep.. but I’ll bump it once or twice..

  • ctwins3644

    Not saying this is good by any means, but this was better than half of the album….

  • haaaa

    “don’t hate the game, analyze it”

  • Mike

    Honestly this album wouldve been dope, if he had ended it with Love Me(track 11). I’d put this in the album over everything after track 11…

  • 215aphilliate

    Can’t pin point where but I heard that meek verse before, the first half at least.

  • 215aphilliate

    Ace Hood – It’s Goin Down

  • OSavage93

    Meek Mill used that same verse on another track -___- Wayne goes hard tho

  • Scuup Dreams

    Wtf this is clearly better than any track on the cd that wasn’t a a single…Wayne’s 2nd verse is the best I’ve heard from him in a loonnngg time…..

  • looking forward to it

    niggas saying this was better than the album never heard the album. this shit goes right in there with the rest of them.

  • Stor

    This whole album is a ‘Leftover’. I literally stopped my download half way through, because the streaming snippets I was listening to sucked that bad. Wayne’s win
    dow has officially closed.

  • T9FTW

    Is it me or does this beat sound like that Trae song “Inkredible”

  • jert

    wayne almost sounded like dedication 2 precision…good look

  • So..this song wasn’t worth keepin’ on the album but Hot Revolver was.

  • crispincrispin

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  • As-Hole

    wasn’t cory gunz supposed to be on this?

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  • Erik

    Meek Mill used this same verse on a Ace Hood track..