Frank Ocean – Lost (Video)

blame it on Illy April 12, 2013

Though Frank Ocean’s producer and co-writer Malay, whose credited on the channelORANGE track, is being sued for “Lost” by Micah Otano for allegedly stealing the song and passing it as his own, the R&B crooner still decides to give the Francisco Soriano-directed track a visual. Check it out.

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  • KL

    Miguel >>>>> Frank Ocean

  • Smh

    This is the gayest generation of all time

  • Brother Man

    Crazy joint.

  • lp

    @Smh Nah I think the 80s own that bruh..

  • dboss

    “Double D, big full breasts on my baby” so gay, dude. So gay.

  • Just saying

    It’s an ok song but i can’t take no fag serious

  • abstract

    fuck yall mediocre ass niggas

  • John Ballsack

    i wonder how many cocks he sucked before he shot this video.

  • xyz123

    This is a dope ass clip video. And for everyone always saying some gay shit, you gotta realize, Frank admitted he was bisexual, and he can still get more pussy than you…

  • KatoXV

    if you gone criticize the music go ahead but I will never understand why other grown ass men even give a fuck about his sexual preference.

  • LS

    You guys need hugs. All that homophobia is a cry for help….Who hurt you?

  • killer

    Frank is the shit and this is a dope video! This c section is a breeding ground for ignorance. What happened? These are like WSHH comments now.

  • Shit is Crazy

    This era makes me sick….fag loving music will stop soon i hope smh

  • Hello

    Frank ocean is better than Chris brown

  • Wow!

    @Hello LMFAO!!! Get the fuck out of here!

  • conratron

    he’s making videos… we are on the c-section

  • Yup

    It’s funny how many comment on his sexuality but still clicked on this link to listen. If you already knew what he about then why bother listening??

  • I find it very very sad that half of these comments are based on his sexuality and not his talent. This generation is not the gayest, 80’s been took that fool look at how many gay artist were popular back then. I don’t care what his sexual preference is as long as his music stays great!!!!!!

  • And 1

    As a fan of late 90s R&B, its good to have artists like Miguel, Frank Ocean, and Weeknd making quality R&B.