Pusha T Speaks On "Numbers On The Boards" Single (Video)

Dropping by MTV to help promote his upcoming tour with Fabolous, Pusha T goes on to speak on the Don Cannon and Kanye West produced "Numbers On The Boards" and not having knowledge of it dropping until 15 minutes before hand. Thanks Kanye.

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  • rwq

    pusha is so delusional. no one give a f about that record and its only been 24 hours

  • DoubleClutch95


    Check the amount of comments and "dopes" on the track on this site alone and tell me again that no one cares about this record! SMH

  • rqw

    ^yes that's because it was produced by kanye. as such most of the comments are about the beat lol. lets be real pusha is not poppin at all.

  • bucky

    shit needs a remix

  • Haters will hate

    @rqw poppin??? What are you 14 or just a fag

    My Name Is My Name >>>>>>

  • randy


    that was petty

  • Exhibit C

    @Randy not really, it's true. You have to be either 14 or a fag to judge an artist on whether or not they're "poppin". Only a handful of artists ever make it to that upper tier of mainstream success, that doesn't mean the one's who don't should just quit because they're not "poppin". They're still making enough money to support their families. Pusha still has more money than most of us will ever make in our lives. Get some perspective please.

  • haters will hate

    @randy shut yo faggot ass up you and rqw are probly the same person

  • http:/thatmorbidshit.tumblr.com/ Fuckyoupayme

    It sounds "completely spontaneous", too. Weren't they playin this song at the beginning of Zero Dark Thirty to get that dude to talk about Osama?

  • Quickstrike

    Fab puts out this commercial ass song man. Decade + in the game with no classic smh...

  • http://www.illroots.com skavenger

    pusha is the truth, if you don't recognize, real recognize real, clip$e never got the props due, only the streets respect

  • realtalk™

    ^It's not Clipse with a dollar sign you fag.. they aint with that hipster shit..

  • triPAUD

    lol pusha almost has as many haters as joe budden.


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