Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Video Teaser)

blame it on Miss_Peas April 13, 2013

Those who attended Coachella this year got a pleasant surprise from the Iconic band Daft Punk as they greeted attendees with a special video of them performing with musical genius Pharrell. The video also contains the names of features slated to appear on their highly anticipated upcoming album Random Access Memories, including Panda Bear, Julian Casablancas, Todd Edwards, DJ Falcon, Chilly Gonzales, Giorgio Moroder and Pharrell Williams.

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  • Big-O


  • who cares

    “musical genius Pharrell” don’t you think that’s kind of a stretch Miss_Peas? I have yet to hear something from Pharrell outside of his beats that I can label as dope. Since when did Daft Punk start putting guests on their albums anyway? This shit doesn’t even sound like Daft Punk. Sounds like the everyday Pop bullshit you hear on the radio over and over and over again. I guess an eight year stretch between albums will do that to a group. *shrugs* Well my expectations for this album just lowered drastically.

    • Buddy


  • Big-O

    It doesn’t sound like Daft Punk? What exactly “sounds” like Daft Punk? You haven’t been watching the Collaborators video series they’ve been putting out, have you? They’re trying to redefine a genre that’s essentially become WAY too mainstream. Everyone listens to EDM now, & they want to create something NEW. Something that isn’t necessarily conventional EDM.

    Music evolves. If every artist put out stuff that sounded exactly the same as their previous works, new music, & new sounds wouldn’t be as prevalent. If Kanye kept putting out music that sounded EXACTLY like College Dropout, do you think he’d be where his is today? Or would we have written him off by his 3rd album, saying, “Nigga can’t make anything new. He just sounds the same over & over & over again.”

    Homework, Discovery, & Human After All, each have very distinct sounds. Not a single album sounds the same. So, OBVIOUSLY, Random Access Memories wouldn’t sound the same either. Don’t anticipate this album thinking it’s going to sound like Homework, Discovery, or Human After All. It’s not going to. At all. If that’s what you want, go listen to those albums. If this is your mind set going into this album, of course your expectations are going to be lowered.

    There’s an ancient Italian maxim that roughly translates to, “He who is resistant to change is destined to perish.”

    Open up your mind son.

  • E-C

    ^^ preach Big-0, preach!

  • RIV

    Dude lost all credibility when he started off saying Pharrell being a musical genius was a “stretch.”


  • Cap

    Thank god wiz Khalifa or tyga or two chainz or rock Ross didnt end up on the features I was praying that wouldn’t happen once I saw phareel

  • killyaself

    ^ stfu CAP if these guys get those rappers on a song you can bet they’re going to make it they’re own. probably even get them in a new spotlight. fuck whatever it is your dumbass is thinking