• MADflavor

    I was on that 3rd Eye, pineal gland.. before it went mainstream. You cocksuckers! (Joey Diaz voice)

  • Smh

    I bet if The Weeknd was announcing a new album this post would have 300 dopes by now smh thats how i know it's nothing but young fags who visit this website when you fuck with the weeknd more then prince

  • brocolli

    I think the difference is that The Weeknd has put out some dope material recently, while Prince hasn't really dropped anything noteworthy since Diamonds and Pearls. He had a dope 10 yearish run, which is rare for artists. He will always be a legend because of how his music was so ahead of its time, but until he releases something dope..i'll stick with his 80's joints.

  • omar’s coming

    Stellablu on the album artwork! So proud of her.