• cmon_son

    Young Roddy is the most underrated rapper in the game.

    Good Sense 2 is hot but the above statement is mad wreckless. he's THE most underrated rapper in the game? gtfoh

  • http://therealbabyb.blogspot.com/ therealbabyb

    Most underrated - I agree

  • nc0310

    2DBZ is getting bold

  • Rosebudd

    I always fucked with Roddy but him and Trademark need to grind a little harder

  • Midwestbeast

    I gotta find that jet world order 2... I'm late as fizuck

  • http://twitter.com/gametheory420 4:20

    ^^^ whoever this clown is who commented above me is a total moron. Curren$y & the jet life crew put out mixtapes like once a motherfuckin month, but they still need to "grind harder"? get the fuck outta here man...2dopeboyz is bold for sayin Young Roddy is the most underrated in the game but it's true...

  • cmon_son

    so who's under rating him?

    given the amount and type of material he's put out, i'd say he gets plenty of exposure and praise.