• whateveriguess

    Wow. Thats amazing.

  • http://www.6'5.com 6’5

    I like

  • Igotthehookupbitch

    I thought Nile Rodgers was Rick James incarnated for a second.

  • spewing

    That sounded fucking incredible

  • masq

    shiny suit theory. WACK. rip roger toutman

  • qwesty

    sounds like a rip off, of chromeo..still good

  • Juice

    Lol^ dude said a rip off of chromeo! Chromeo is a rip off of daft punk

  • los

    i cant stand people who dont know the history of daft punk and how actually daft punk created this whole edm scenery for artist that are oout now

  • drosef

    and the history of Nile Rogers... do a wiki search.. lol the man produced everything from Chic, to Apache. he was essentially a pre-cursor to Hip Hop

  • http://bboyrockstar.tumblr.com/ B-Boy Rock-Star™

    DAMN... Random Access Memories (RAM) is Destined to be DOPE... !!!

  • let her catch da dick doe

    Fucking dope! I've been catching up on these guy's music lately and I get the chance to witness these guys drop an album now. Based off this song it doesn't sound like they've stopped with the creativity. Looking forward to it!

  • And 1

    This sounds dope, the gotta work with Kanye too though!

  • Fred

    Kraftwerk invented it Daft Punk perfected it. Can't wait for the new album.

  • countonit

    yo, this is gonna be a smash fuckin hit

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Can't wait until R.A.M. drops.

  • King Tyrone


  • bambino

    sounds like he says mexican monkeys lol I love it. Cant wait for the new dp.