DMX On Iyanla, Fix My Life (Video)

blame it on Meka April 14, 2013

Someone in Hollywood thought it would be a great idea to have Earl Simmons go on “life coach and relationship expert” Iyanla Vanzant’s show on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel, and the world is not much better for it. Props to Yardie.

  • crackadon

    this is so hard to watch. DMX has been struggling with his demons for so many years and watching him fall-apart during this interview was heartbreaking.

    he needs to let go of the excuses, the past, the drugs, the whores, etc. and just accept that he needs help.

    i’m not a religious man by any means, but i’m going to be praying for him tonight.

  • Coroner

    X is a stubborn and hardheaded man.
    I’m not gonna lie I even shed some tears on his pain.
    He should man up and instead of bury his pain in drugs he gotta face his problems and get through them. These emotions have been manifested in really great songs through the years, but this shit is not worth to ruin a man’s life.
    I hope the best for him, but I see he thinks he’s on the right place where he supposed to be…

  • Staten’s Reckoning

    I don’t agree with Iyanla’s tactics especially when Xavier came into the picture. It seemed to me like Xavier was programmed to say something negative, but never came forward and said anything substantial. Maybe it was because of the cameras and the environment he was in, but looked to me like Xavier’s purpose was to piss X off even more. He wants a relationship, but, here are my conditions. What? What happened to baby steps? Or maybe Xavier HELPING his dad get clean? That alone would start a healthy relationship. Xavier served no purpose whatsoever.

    As for X, short and simple, the man needs help from every possible angle. Enough said.

    And fuck this show.

    • Mro929

      It is not healthy to say Xavier should “help” his dad get clean. DMX has to want it for himself, period. Otherwise, it would be like creating an unhealthy co-dependent toxic relationship. When Iyanla interviewed the wife, she said that for so many years in the marriage, she had tried to ” help” DMX not to drink, and in the experience of that relationship, she ended up losing herself, and her own sense of self. That is co dependency, which is never healthy. A person has to want to get better within themselves, for themselves. In the end, people have to take responsibility and accountability for their own lives. This is what is healthy.

    • Sydney

      I hate to disagree, its a very different lifestyle when your parents have a disease of drugs or alcohol or both. When someone u love is dependent the best gift you can give them, the best love you can embrace them with is by giving them the tools and option to get clean or to simply let go, otherwise your being there will contribute to the spread of that disease. May God Bless you :)

  • realtalk

    Get that man to rehab #SupportX


    i can somewhat relate because i didnt know my father at all. i did not make me bitter but it has made me act a certain way in regards to relationships. my best friends father had the struggles with crack and their relationship dissolved but he eventually got clean and now its all good so i agree there needs to be baby steps to mend all the anger and pain but for everyones sake DMX GET SOME HELP!!!

  • DMx is really in bad shape and for him to tell his son that he is not going to get clean to have a father and son relationship that was a really low blow I understand he is struggling with a real bad drug addiction but that shouldn’t never been said to a child he said I guess you will see me in my grave then that just broke my heart.please help dmx before its to late…

  • AyoImSlippinFallin

    lol @ this bitch and her beloved bullshit

    dmx should quit drugs if it means that much to his loved ones but some people just can’t do it no matter what and thats the real truth most don’t want to hear. so his family just has to accept it and be cool with him and just wait it out til when or if he ever comes around and realizes he’s been stupid

  • Miss Willie Neal Ward

    I could hardly hold back the tears for DMX, his ex-wife Toya and his first born Son Xavier. I was a alcoholic, weed head, heroin user, cocain user and my last choice was crack. I can identify with DMX use of drugs. I am now 22 years clean and it came to me when I CHOSE to live and not want to die from drugs. I wanted my two sons back in my life. I accomplished getting them back in my life…graduated with a Masters degree and now gainfully employed for 22 years. It wont happen for DMX until he is fully ready…God willing I pray that it does or else he will die from his abusive behavior. There is no such thing as a funcional addict of substance abuse. I am trying to write a book about my life and how I came and chose to turn it around,

  • An open Letter to DMX: If you can remember back when Whitey Houston did her interview with Diane Sawyer and the question was ask dido you have a substance abuse problem? She stated the infamous quote “No, That Crack is Whack!” Well for years she was in denial of coming to turns with her addiction and her family was concern on the behalf of her well being. And right fully so, for what you do to yourself can affect others! Case in point, if possibly one day you acquire the drive and they ability in trying to get help, it might just be to late. You see enablers are all around you and this will continue until the end of time. Unless you take charge of your destiny and allow God, to give you wisdom. Lean not on your own understanding, because one day it could become to late to live a clean life. You see God will forgive you for your past, but your body will not!!!!!!! Look what happen to our beloved Whitney Houston. Remember she never saw it coming that last breath. God is not an author of continue confusion, he got you this far but not for the selfish reasons that have become infested within. One last thing, remember what you do can affect other people, look how Bobby Kris is missing her mother now!!!! It’s huge ask her how she feels about the lost of her mother….

  • mrx

    we love u DMX! hope u can get ur shit together…. cz the people want to see u succeed again

  • kl

    fuck that LADY
    DMX just keep makin music
    still bump ur shit and undisputed wasnt bad

  • kl

    and yh smoke weed and drink thats minor shit, get off the crack n cocaine that shit fuck a nigga up

  • FORmeraddict

    What was this show trying to accomplish? You must get Dmx clean before he can have a relationship with his son. Crack is bad, alcohol is just as deadly to an addicts life. Bring him to a detox or a program. Iyana you are the worst life coach, the bottom line is to get him clean, find God and then seek forgiveness and restore his family. Iyana you fix nothing and you are useless. I don’t care if you are with OPrah.

  • dmz

    he’s a barrel of emotions, most negative which he is so accustomed to and which probably makes him more comfortable since that’s what he’s mostly known. he takes drugs to push the feelings down and bury them. he needs to get clean come to terms with the negative and positives aspects of himself and know it’s ok. he has to stop magnifying all these emotions and get a clean head and life and perspective. he needs to chill out.

  • eddy

    Interestingly, I feel DMX was ushered into mainstream rap for a purpose… He gave so much in so little time, and after he was done, I’m sure he was either to die of an overdose, or rot/die in jail for a long time. However, DMX, to everyone’s surprise survived and instead of conforming, decided to do it alone. The sad thing is he is being frustrated and he knows it. I watched on as he tried to get his life back together, but because of the politics this artform comes with, along with the fact that you cannot advocate for independence, he had to be shut down. Everybody knows that ‘Undisputed’ could have been a huge commercial success had the man gotten the backing of the ‘powers that be’. Due to all these struggles X has relapsed. He’s a smart, talented man… And I know he’s trying to tell all of us something. The sad thing is we ‘may’ only see it and understand once he leaves us… Another Marvin, Jimmy, Pac, ODB… Listen with your eyes and stop watching blindly…

  • YoungCosby

    I watched the entire episode and I must say that I feel really sorry for DMX. He’s doing what so many of us do, and that’s self-medicate. He needs to stop medicating and using pain as an excuse to do it. Visit that pain, learn the lesson from it, and move on. That process will have it’s own time frame, but the end result is progression, not stagnation or regressing.

    I was really upset that he wasn’t able to put the drugs an alcohol down for his son, but in another breath had the nerve to talk about unconditional love, saying that “he would never put a condition on someone to have a relationship with them.” Negro, you just did the same thing, you just said that without these drugs and alcohol we can’t get close. That’s bullshit.

    As far as Iyanla goes, I really respect her trying to be the mediator for people who need help. She gives it to you straight and that’s what she tried to do with DMX, but he wouldn’t allow it. He doesn’t want help. He wants to wallow in his sorrow so he can keep his crutches. But, that comes from how he’s built. The dude is just a ball of emotion, no logic, just all heart. That can be a beautiful thing, but can also tear your down.

    Get help D. We support you.

    • Marie

      May the sprit of the Living God be with DMX simmons and his family. I rebuke the devil
      In the name of Jesus to leave DMX alone

  • Kymm

    Blessings of The Lord upon you DMX. Watch The Lord use this situation to bring many families together. DMX, you and Xavier are strong enough to go through this for the healing if many. Enjoy the Blessings of Restoration. Allow God to have his way; whatever the cost and watch Him heal your situation.

  • me

    all I have to say is woooowwww..what a shame to put drugs and or any substance over your child..but it was x decision, an it was very sad to see that he literally chose drugs over his child.i do prey for x.but he HAVE to love himself first.