• rsx

    This is one of the most incredible things I've ever witnessed

  • RnB

    Miguel >>>>>>>> Frank Ocean

  • moshizzle

    wack imo

  • Mike

    One of the worst things I've ever witnessed. All style no substance. I guess it's the nature of today's shallow society. It was like some MI band playing for the finals. Can't believe management and label let him waste an opportunity like this.

  • Dustin

    Damn his whole band sounds disjointed and fucked up. Is there even a bass player? The drummer was doing all these weird unnecessary fills and that guitar tone was awful and didn't fit with the song.

  • http://kenzosiraga.tumblr.com KNZO

    i was kinda lost with 'how many drinks' but the rendition of 'adorn' was incredible. there needs to be an CDQ MP3 of the performance.

  • Chris

    Miguel killed it last night, and even though I missed Kendrick in How Many Drinks the rock version he gave us last night was pretty sick. He has a ton of style and I really want to see him live. I was ready to kill my roommates when I got home from my shift at DISH last night just to find that they were using all of the TVs, but thankfully I was able to watch SNL on my iPad. I love how I can stream live TV to my tablet with DISH Anywhere because it is so much easier than fighting for TV time.

  • bloom

    Whats up w/ this psychopath ^^ plugging dish? Hella weird