Miguel Performs “Adorn” & “How Many Drinks” On SNL (Video)

blame it on JES7 April 14, 2013

Along with Vince Vaughn hosting, Miguel was tonight’s guest performer on SNL. Up top is his performance of second performance (How Many Drinks) “Adorn” while after the break is his second performance, “How Many Drinks”. Props to Yardie.

PREVIOUS: Miguel – How Many Drinks (rmx) f. Kendrick Lamar

  • rsx

    This is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever witnessed

  • RnB

    Miguel >>>>>>>> Frank Ocean

  • moshizzle

    wack imo

  • Mike

    One of the worst things I’ve ever witnessed. All style no substance. I guess it’s the nature of today’s shallow society. It was like some MI band playing for the finals. Can’t believe management and label let him waste an opportunity like this.

  • Dustin

    Damn his whole band sounds disjointed and fucked up. Is there even a bass player? The drummer was doing all these weird unnecessary fills and that guitar tone was awful and didn’t fit with the song.

  • i was kinda lost with ‘how many drinks’ but the rendition of ‘adorn’ was incredible. there needs to be an CDQ MP3 of the performance.

  • Chris

    Miguel killed it last night, and even though I missed Kendrick in How Many Drinks the rock version he gave us last night was pretty sick. He has a ton of style and I really want to see him live. I was ready to kill my roommates when I got home from my shift at DISH last night just to find that they were using all of the TVs, but thankfully I was able to watch SNL on my iPad. I love how I can stream live TV to my tablet with DISH Anywhere because it is so much easier than fighting for TV time.

  • bloom

    Whats up w/ this psychopath ^^ plugging dish? Hella weird