Pusha T Reveals Guest Features & Producers For My Name Is My Name (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas April 14, 2013

Speaking with Fuse, Ziplock P broke down details about his highly anticipated debut album My Name Is My Name and revealed that he enlists some heavy hitters including contributing producers such as Kanye West and Swizz Beatz, as well as other featured artists including King Kendrick, Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Future and The Re-Up Gang. #EGHYUCK!

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  • And Thats saying A LOT

    This album is shaping up to be the best HIP HOP album in years! Definitely more excited for My Name Is Name then i was with GKMC

  • Mad Real

    Sounds nice but i hate a lot of features

    2chainz????? smh Still gonna cop it tho

  • Hip Hop is a Sport!

    Oh Lord!!! People are gonna look at the track with Kendrick like is a competition record, Who’s verse will be better???? place your bets LOL!

  • 1

    pusha kendrick and nottz!!!!!!!! need that record asap

  • Smh

    If this was a Kendrick Lamar post of him speaking about his new album it would have 100 dopes off top….I hate this bias ass website

  • Check

    Pusha > Kendrick

  • adolfmayne

    king kendrick? i didnt think you could jump on doods nuts harder than you already do way to prove me wrong

  • Jizzle

    *27 and older….tell me you didnt cop “Ma$e – Harlem World” when it dropped??

  • M0ns!er

    Rick Ross, Future & 2 Chainz? Feature- wise it looks underwhelming but the production on the other hand looks super dope.

  • Was hoping Timbaland and Pusha would link up with all the work Timbo been doing lately.

  • BuckNasty

    Honestly I have never seen so much Stannery in the comments section over an artist than Pusha T. At least with Kendrick it’s justified.

    “Best Album in years”..nigga what is you basing that off? Coz it sure as hell wasn’t his last mixtape. Or any mixtape before that.

    He’s not wack, but he makes the same song over and over. I’ve never seen a rapper as overrated as Pusha T.

  • ZEROsenseKIDS

    Lol at the irony of people saying others are Kendrick stans as they Stan the Fuck out of pusha.

  • marty mcfly

    IDK cause this time last year I was not at all excited about a Pusha T album but now honestly I kinda am. I went from thinking this guy was cold as a freezer to actually liking songs like Pain, Blocka, Revolution, and I Am Forgiven has been one of my favorite songs lately and Numbers On The Boards is just crazy. Not saying he is just killing everything but things are starting to look up imo for his album. Anyway just let me know about any new info on the Lord Steppington album and im good.


    LMFAO!! @ZEROsenseKIDS and @BuckNasty are the same person smh you ain’t fooling no one bitch LOL! Stop hating

    Pusha and Kendrick are both dope but……. Pusha >>>>>>>>>>>

  • MusicHead

    Pusha T is the most overrated nigga in the game period …smh. How is his album gon be the best album in years !? & how is Pusha even better than Kendrick.

  • marty mcfly

    Joey Badass’s debut album will be better then GKMC

  • Keep Crying

    These Kendrick Lamar stans are sooooo upset lmfao!